Your One-Week Plan: Start Today!

I’ve created a complete one-week plan to help get you started!! This takes all the guesswork out of IIFYM and breaks it down to where you just need to follow along at home.

A few disclaimers (please read this):

  1. I assume 1,500 calories daily for girls, and 1,800 calories daily for guys. This is MOST LIKELY a reasonable starting point. However, if you want to, you can visit to get all of this information.   ( is my project where my staff of virtual coaches will build a weight-loss plan specifically for you — check it out). If this is too confusing, just go with my numbers.
  2. I’m assuming a 40/40/20 ratio of carbs, protein, and fat. Again, this is probably the right starting point, assuming you stick to the workout routine I lay out.
  3. The workouts aren’t optional. If you don’t do them, you will need to eat a LOT fewer calories, and that’s no fun!
  4. The reading assignments aren’t optional either.  If you read them, by the end of the week, you’ll not only have a good feel for how and why IIFYM works, you should be able to start creating your own meal plans with foods that YOU like.
  5. I planned your meals for you. Go to the store the day before and make sure you’ve got everything on hand. If you don’t, you’re going to substitute and may mess up the calories and/or the ratios, and the plan isn’t going to work very well.
  6. MEASURE YOUR FOOD!  I’ve carefully detailed the exact amounts you’re allowed. Absolute precision is the key, here!  If you don’t own a food scale, buy one.
  7. You should get used to logging everything in MyFitnessPal. I strongly encourage you to do so, if for no other reason so you can “follow along at home” as your meals are built.
  8. No cheating. (Seriously). This is a PRECISION diet.  Once you are creating your own meal plans you can build in whatever foods you like / love. Until then, stick to the plan.

And with that out of the way… Here’s your plan!

  1. Day 1
  2. Day 2
  3. Day 3
  4. Day 4
  5. Day 5 (Coming shortly)
  6. Day 6 (Coming shortly)
  7. Day 7 (Coming shortly)