Why Your Goal Weight Might Not Get You Where You Want to Be

The two girls in the photo below are the same person. This girl WEIGHS THE SAME AMOUNT in both of these photos. Yup.. the SAME WEIGHT! (She’s about 5’6 and weighs about 145lbs).

The girl on the left is what we like to call “skinny fat.”

Once you pass about 30 years old, your body won’t naturally build muscle anymore, and the “tight/toned” look we’re used to is no longer naturally occurring on any of us. We get saggy.

The very best you could hope for by eating properly and doing lots of cardio is the body on the left. You may get skinny, but you’ll still feel “saggy.”

The body on the right does all of the above but also invests time in the weight room for toning and sculpting. She also eats about 500 more calories per day. Her metabolism is MUCH stronger, because of the strength training.

This is why so many people report that they reach their goal weight, and are still unhappy with the way their body looks. If you ignore strength training, you’re probably never going to achieve the body you’re picturing in your head.

Also worth noting, you’ll never properly tighten/tone your body eating starvation rations. Thus it’s easy to see, with all of the above in mind, why some people develop an eating disorder. They concentrate on all the wrong things and still don’t get the results they’re after.