5 reasons CarbX is better than other ketogenic (low-carb) diets

There are two completely different eating programs you can follow with Weightix.  CarbX (the ketogenic / ultra-low-carb approach) and MacroFit (which is a traditional “macro counting” diet). People often ask me what makes the CarbX approach DIFFERENT from other, more traditional ketogenic diets, such as Atkins, Southbeach, and others.

To be clear, CarbX is a ketogenic diet. This means you’re cutting your carbs to almost zero, and forcing the body to get all of its energy from fat. This is actually a chemical change that takes place, where your body produces a hormone called “ketones”, and shifts into a state where your body actually prefers fat as its day-to-day fueling source.

CarbX, unlike other keto diets, is both high-fat AND high-protein. The idea is that you crank up the fat so high that you’re eating almost nothing else. (Although, science has proven that approach isn’t ideal.)

Here’s why CarbX is better, and why short-changing yourself on protein will actually slow down your weight loss.

1) Weightix doesn’t use a generic formula. It’s customized and optimized for YOU

One of the great things about Weightix is that the Weightix plan calculator will figure our the optimal ratio of carbs, fats, and protein for your body type, your metabolism, and your life.

Personalized optimization is a massive reason that CarbX works better than other ketogenic diets. It takes into account many factors that others diets can’t, because they’re too generic, and trying to fit the needs of everyone, instead of your specific situation.

2) Other programs forget that calories really do matter

While it’s simpler to say “don’t count calories, just cut carbs”, the reality is that the human body just doesn’t work this way.  People often find success with this approach simply because cutting carbs generally also means they’re (accidentally) cutting calories as well.

But science has proven definitively again and again that calories matter, and if you’re eating too many, you won’t lose weight, no matter what else you do.

Any weight loss program that tells you that you can ignore calories isn’t worth 10 minutes of your time.

3) Protein is a key component to maintaining weight loss

There’s not much point to losing weight if we can’t keep it off once it’s gone. Right? In fact, a lot of different studies show that people who lose weight with a keto-based diet tend to lose the weight quicker, but are also more likely to gain it all back. CarbX fixes that problem by increasing protein intake.

Without the high protein intake, the body tends to burn muscle more than fat (it’s easier to burn, and the body requires protein to function normally).

People doing traditional ketogenic diets do burn fat, yes, but they also burn a lot of muscle mass. The more muscle you burn, the slower your metabolism becomes. Thus, when the diet is over, the weight comes back quickly and easily because the metabolism grinds to a halt!

4) High protein intake actually INCREASES fat burn

Your body requires a certain amount of protein in order to function properly. Muscle repair, hair growth, brain function, and other activities are fueled by protein. If your body isn’t getting enough of it, it will burn muscle to get what it needs. That is not okay, remember, every ounce of muscle burned to meet nutritional needs is an ounce of fat it’s NOT burning, instead.

For these reasons, studies have proven that increasing protein intake actually causes the body to burn MORE fat!  Eat more protein, burn more fat. It’s that simple!  (Up to a certain limit, of course).

The magic behind CarbX is getting the ratio just right between eating the right amount of fat to stay in ketosis (that magical mode where you body burns fat for energy) and eating the right amount of protein to keep the body burning fat efficiently, and leaving your muscle in-tact!

5) More protein means you don’t battle the hunger monster with CarbX

Lots of scientific research has proven that satiety (satisfaction) is one of the most important factors in successful weight loss. Protein happens to be really good at making the body feel less hungry. It’s highly satiating!

And guess what? You don’t even have to eat that much meat if that’s not your thing!  You can get most of your protein requirements from delicious protein shakes! (In fact, most CarbX people find that it’s near impossible to meet their protein goals without protein shakes).

This articles goes into even more detail on why protein really is the magic macronutrient for weight loss. It’s worth a look!

In short: Getting enough protein means you won’t be hungry, you’ll burn fat faster, and you’ll be able to keep the weight off after you lose it!