When to Weigh Yourself

Most weight-loss plans will tell you that you should only weigh yourself once a week. I tried this early on and found several problems with it. I’m going to let you in on the secret about when to weigh yourself. Time to pull out the scale.

They tell you to weigh yourself only once a week because your body will normally fluctuate a few pounds each day depending on water retention, time of day, exercise, and other factors. They warn that checking your weight each day can be discouraging because the scale might show that you gained a pound when in fact, it may just be water weight, or something else. I get it, and for many people, it’s probably not terrible advice.

The problem with the once a week weigh-in is that it makes cheating too easy. You know what I’m talking about, “Oh.. my weigh-in day isn’t for another 3 days… I can sneak this in… I’ll just be EXTRA good tomorrow.”

You end up sabotaging yourself because the day of reckoning is far enough off and you figure you can even things out.

I learned early on to weigh myself every morning. Get out of bed, pee, weigh-in. Every day. No matter what. Yes, my weight does fluctuate. Yes, it’s frustrating when the scale goes up a pound or two due to factors that are outside of my control—but it forces me to hold myself accountable every single day. I know that if I cheat today, it’s going to show up on the scale in the morning.

Remember when I said you should get a good digital scale that automatically logs and records your weight?  Accountability.  There’s nothing quite like knowing that the number on the scale tomorrow is going to be saved forever. Once you step on it, that number is locked in, uploaded to the internet, and for all intents and purposes, immortalized. You cheat, you pay. I can actually see my cheat-days on my weight-loss graph. They stand out like a sore thumb as a “lump” in my downward trend and remind me how costly the treats are.

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