Weighing Once a Week vs Every Day

Last week I had a picture-perfect week of weight loss (I lost 2.3 lbs over 7 days). However, because I weigh myself every morning, 6 out of the 7 days results in a hugely negative reaction and a lot of disappointment every time I stepped on the scale. When you look at each day individually, the results appear frustrating. But when you step back and look at the week as a whole, it looks more like weight-loss perfection.  The difference?  Perspective.

Here is my last week of weigh-ins on a chart.

FullSizeRender 3


Now.. picture my emotional reaction to each day.

  • Tuesday: 169.7 — Oh no! I worked so hard and didn’t lose a single pound!!!
  • Wednesday: 168.0 — WHAT?! How did I GAIN WEIGHT?!
  • Thursday: 170.0 — I’M STILL GAINING WEIGHT!!! OH NO!
  • Friday: 166.6 — Whoa.. I lost lost 3 and a half pounds.. I ROCK!!!
  • Saturday: 168.3 — ARGH!! I GAINED IT ALL BACK!!!
  • Sunday: 167.4 — Lost a pound… still not as good as Friday.. but better than nothing.

So overall it was a picture-perfect week for weight loss. 2.3lbs down!!!! However, I only had ONE day during the entire week where I actually stepped on the scale and was happy with the result I saw.

There are pros and cons to weighing yourself once a week, versus every morning — and there’s no right or wrong way to do it.  Your personality will actually decide more than anything what works best for you.

Advantages of Weighing-In Every Morning:

  • You get instant feedback on the effects of what you eat. (You’ll see on the scale things like water retention from sodium intake).
  • You’ll do a better job holding yourself accountable.  A lot of people who only weigh-in once a week tell themselves things like, “It’s okay if I cheat a little. My weigh-in isn’t for another 4 days. I’ll make it up tomorrow.”. By delaying the accountability, you might also delay your efforts.

Disadvantages of Weighing in Every Morning:

  • It can really mess with your head. You may be retaining water from something you ate, but still burning fat, and the scale will give you a confusing result. (Or vice versa).
  • Can cause emotional setbacks and frustration from seeing the normal, daily fluctuations.

If you’re the kind of person who responds too emotionally to fluctuations like this, a once-a week weigh-in might save you from constant thoughts of failure!

Weigh the pros and cons and decide for YOURSELF the best approach!  But whatever you do, if you weigh-in every day, go back and look at the “once a week” progress by itself. You’ll be amazed how much more successful you feel if you ignore the day-to-day fluctuations!