Ready to Get Started?

First, to be clear, this isn’t a plan I’m selling you. It’s free. Take everything I teach you here and use it. Free. Nothing to buy! Tell all your friends! This is based on science, and it’s different from anything you’ve ever done. It takes hard work. It takes commitment. It takes dedication (which is the key difference between this plan, and the “easy” ones people want to sell you that are probably doing more damage than good).

Note that if you DO WANT some additional help building or executing your plan, I created just for this purpose.  Weightix is my project where my staff of virtual coaches will build a plan specifically for you and help you through it on a daily basis. I created it due to overwhelming demand from people for my help.. I wanted a way to reach and teach everyone who wanted it!   HOWEVER, you don’t necessarily need it. Everything you need to know is here in this blog if you prefer the “DIY” approach!

This ACTUALLY works. It will change you because it will challenge you.

We’ve talked about how there are no shortcuts, and we’ve talked about why this approach is different from anything you’ve tried in the past. Now let’s talk about the SPECIFIC commitments that you need to make in order to be successful with this approach.

Let’s get started

As mentioned above, I created “Weightix” to help people build and run a plan, similar to what I was on. Of course, I’ve added a TON of new tricks and optimization strategies since then, that I didn’t have access to it at the time. Win-win for you!

Go to and enter THIS CODE to get started:   (Yes, it’s completely free!):  100DOWN

Here’s what you’ll be doing, in a nutshell

  1. You’ll eat a fixed number of calories each day, from clean, healthy food of your own choosing. No foods are off limits, but they do need to fit in your “calorie budget”. The healthier the food, the more food you’ll be able to fit into your budget.  If you’re not eating at a calorie deficit (meaning, you are eating fewer calories than your body needs — so your body is forced to get its energy from fat), you will not burn fat. Period.
  2. You’ll maintain a very strict ratio of carbs, fats, and proteins. Your plan should have a budget of each that you should eat each day  ( is my project where my staff of virtual coaches will build this plan for you — check it out). This plan is customized to you, and those ratios and amounts are specific to you. Again, no foods are off limits, but the foods you eat must fit within your protein, carbohydrate, and fat goals.  This puts your body into an extremely optimized fat-burn mode — better than you’ve ever seen before!
  3. You’ll track everything you eat. If it goes in your mouth, you’re going to log it. (Studies prove that people who don’t track what they eat end up eating a LOT more than they think they do).  I’ll teach you how.
  4. You’ll be planning all of your eating in advance. Each day you’ll build your own meal plan with whatever food you want to eat. You’ll adjust your plan to meet your daily calorie goals, protein goals, carb goals, and fat goals. Each day you’ll aim to eat the perfect amount of each (which is why you have to plan your entire day well in advance). You can still eat at restaurants occasionally, you can still eat the foods you love, you will probably just find that you can’t do it as often. This video will teach you how to plan your meals.

Start here, if you’re ready for the next steps… This is the “required reading” list that I give to everyone I work with!

And of course, you can read this post for a MUCH more detailed explanation of how this works, and how you can get started.

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