The people at the gym aren’t judging you – unless…

The biggest fear people have about going to the gym seems to be “I don’t want people there to judge me.”. The good news is, if you talk to people who actually go to the gym on a regular basis and ask them about this, the response is fairly universal. They’re not judging you. They’re not looking at you. They’re there for their own workout.

Being the largest or most out of shape person at the gym might actually be a good thing.. Here’s why:

If you do what they do, you’ll look the way they look

Let’s say you’re attending a group-fitness class with 20 other people. You look around and realize you’re the biggest, or most out of shape person in the room. This is a perfect opportunity to remind yourself that those people don’t look the way they look by chance. They look good because of the way they live their lives. And they all have one thing in common:  They’re all taking the same fitness class. That’s great news for you — because it means if YOU continue to take that fitness class, you’ll eventually look like them!

(The same applies in reverse, unfortunately, as well.  If you go to a restaurant where everyone eating there is fat and out of shape, if you mimic their behavior by eating there very often, you’ll eventually look like them, as well).

The point is that if you want to look like a fit and a healthy person, it’s time to start behaving the way they behave. And joining them at the gym for a class is a great way to start mimicking their lifestyle!

You won’t be in last place for long

There is nothing more motivating than being surrounded by people who are better at something than you are. I know when I did my first group fitness class, the 20 little tiny, skinny girls made me look pretty pathetic. I wasn’t going to let that happen. I went back again and again, and again, until I was at least no longer in last place.  (In fairness, I probably lost my “last place” position to someone who was new to the class, rather than beating someone who had been going for a while. But let’s not get caught up in the details!)

Nobody is judging you

This might be tough to believe, but every single person at the gym is as self-conscious about their body as you are. And, despite what you might think, nobody there cares what you look like. Respect from fitness minded people is earned by the amount of sweat dripping off you — not by the weight you can lift, or the size of your waist. Trust me, the ONLY thing they’re noticing, if they notice anything at all, is the work you’re putting in… and you will get SERIOUS respect for that.

…. Unless you’re not trying.

The one thing that the fitness community universally loves is effort. It’s the only thing that matters. You got out of bed. You showed up. You’re going through the motions. If you’re giving your time at the gym everything you’ve got, you WILL get props from the crowd, no matter what shape your body is in, or how much weight you can lift.

You may not be the fastest. You may not be the strongest. You may not be the skinniest — but you CAN be the one who’s trying their hardest. And THAT will turn you into a source of inspiration for others. If you’re giving it everything you’ve got, you’ll inspire even the fittest, healthiest person in the gym to want to be more like YOU!  You getting this?  You, even if you’re completely out of shape, can inspire others simply by pushing yourself!!

Your workouts are a chance to make yourself a better person, and inspire others in the process. If you go in with that attitude, instead of being afraid that others are judging you, you’ll find a visit to the gym is a completely different experience!