The Only Decision That Matters

I know a really, really good weight loss coach. He works with some of the wealthiest people in the world (top CEOs, Hollywood stars, etc.). Charging about $3,000 a month for his help, he guarantees results. But if you cheat, even once, you’re done. (That includes missing a workout you said you would do). If you don’t keep your half of the bargain, he fires you, basically. Zero tolerance. Because yours is the only decision that matters, but what is that, exactly?

I reflect on this approach a lot… mostly because his approach to weight loss is almost identical to this one. It’s about EDUCATION, not “giving someone a meal plan”. He gets that. He’s a teacher and a coach. And he’s damn good at it.

He teaches you how to plan your own meals and how to find the sweet spot for exercise (not too much, not too little). He teaches you about macros and the importance of weighing your food. You learn you how to handle restaurants, vacations, and parties, how to do intermittent fasting, why sleep matters, why water matters, and why sugar, even a little, will set you back. It’s all the same stuff I talk about endlessly here.

He gets results. A near 100% perfect track record of helping his clients lose weight. Most of them are even successful at keeping it off afterward. Why does his work approach work so well? I think it’s because people perceive that it’s valuable because it’s expensive, so they listen, and they do it. (You don’t pay someone that kind of money and then NOT listen to every word they say).

If this program was $3,000 a month, would you still cheat? If there was a chance that we’d never speak to you again if you ate a french fry… would you be less tempted to eat the french fry?

Here’s the point. This journey is going to come down to how bad you want it. I don’t need $3,000 a month from you. And I won’t fire you if you screw up. I also don’t want you wasting anyone’s time. (Not my time. Your time.)

So my question for you is simple: Are you here wasting your time, or are you serious about this? Are you serious enough to ACTUALLY CHANGE, or are you just on the fence until you get a little hungry and there’s no protein bar handy, or there’s a birthday party and you just had to eat some cake? Are you really going to renounce your old life, or are you just here to temporarily lose a few pounds? Because walking away from that forever is NOT for the faint of heart.

Enough screwing around with yo-yo dieting. It’s time to pick which camp you’re in. Is the old junk-food-loving-non-exercising you really gone? really? Stop right here and decide. Because that is the only decision that matters.