Struggling With Your Journey? Ask Yourself ONE Simple Question…

If things are becoming tough, and you feel like you’re slipping, first you need to recognize that it’s normal. This is one of the things that separates people’s ability to lose a little weight versus a lot of weight. You’ve hit a mental wall. My best advice to you? Ask yourself ONE simple question:

“What is it I need?”

When I run marathons, ALWAYS between about mile 20 and 23, I have an overwhelming desire to quit 100% of the time. It makes no sense; I’m fully trained, I know what I’m doing, and most importantly, I know I’m capable (I’ve done it TONS of times). And yet there’s a voice SCREAMING AT ME to just quit because it sucks right now,  because… you know, it’s not THAT important, or because this time it’s harder for some reason.
I fight that voice with one simple question: “What is it I ACTUALLY need right now? What’s causing me to want to quit?”
Usually it’s something simple. Maybe I need different music. Sometimes I need water. I need to stop thinking so much, or I need to concentrate and get my head in the game. I call it a “gut check,” but it’s serious and I have to find out what the heck is wrong, and give myself that thing. Quitting is not an option.. So what do I need?

It’s the same in weight loss.

When you hit those mental walls, something is wrong. Are you bored and need more variety in your food? Are you hungry and need more satiating food? Craving sugar? (admit you’re addicted.. treat it like an addiction) What is the problem? Once you know what the problem is.. you can work on the solution and get past it.
So if you’re struggling, slipping, and ready to give up, ask yourself one simple question: “What is it I NEED in order to get through this?”