Skinny women make more money than overweight women

As if you needed yet another reason to get in shape — a new study from BMJ has discovered that being overweight is associated with lower income, for women. It shows that women’s weight, and men’s height, both have a direct cause and effect relationship with pay.

British researchers studied over 100,00 men and women, and found that for each two and a half inches of height, a man was 12 percent more likely to work in a high-status job and earned an average of $1,611 more per year.

In women, a 4.6 point increase in BMI resulted in $4,200 less in annual income.

Given that it’s been proven that people treat overweight people differently (I’ve talked about it before, over here), this isn’t a huge surprise.

Best plan of action?  Get in shape, and then go ask for a raise! =)