How to replace your bad habits with good habits

Weight loss isn’t something you do — it’s a side-effect of changes that you make in your life. If you’re serious about becoming a fit and a healthy person, you’ll need to replace the unhealthy habits in your life with healthy ones. Here’s how it’s done!!!

The secret? For every bad thing you remove from your routine, you have to replace it with something GOOD!

Step 1: Identify the unhealthy habits in your life

Before you can replace the bad habits with the good ones, you’ll need to sit down and identify all the things you do on a daily basis that are contributing to your “unhealthy lifestyle”. Here are a few things that my “fat self” used to do.

  • Sit down on the couch after a long day and eat snacks
  • Ate fast food for lunch (or dinner, or both)
  • Didn’t read nutrition labels
  • Didn’t track the food I was eating
  • Used social gatherings as an excuse to eat junk
  • Ordered dessert at restaurants
  • Ordered appetizers at restaurants
  • Stayed up very, very late
  • Got out of bed late

Watch out for the “void of misery”

If you begin the process of removing unhealthy things from your life and you fail to replace those habits with something different, you’ll create a “void of misery”. You will, quite frankly, create a dead-space in your daily routine that will make you absolutely miserable as you stand around doing nothing, fighting the urge to return to your bad habit. (Or worse, fighting the urge to create a new, even worse habit).

Bake the good stuff into your routine

The odds are that the bad stuff is already part of your regular routine. The only way you’ll change it is to commit to a new, different routine that both removes the bad AND replaces it with something good.

A few examples:

  • “After I put the kids to bed, I sit on the couch and I eat snacks”, could be replaced with “after I put the kids to bed, I go on a walk by myself and listen to an audiobook.”
  • “After I eat dinner in a restaurant, I always order dessert”, could be replaced with, “after I eat my dinner in a restaurant, I drink a huge glass of ice-water and eat some sugar-free gum.”
  • “I use social gatherings as an excuse to eat junk food.”, could be replaced with, “I eat a healthy snack before any social event, and I drink a lot of water during the event so I’m not tempted.”.
  • “I like to sleep in” could be replaced with, “I get up early and use that extra time to go to the gym”.

The point is that you have the time to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, you’re just spending that time doing things that make it worse, not better. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, MAKE the time by removing a bad habit. Bake it into your routine, and don’t skip it.  If you’re constantly tempted by bad food, remove those situations from your routine and replace them with positive things.

You’ll find that as you make positive changes to your routine, the weight loss comes as a natural side-effect. This means you won’t torture yourself during your weight loss journey. Instead, you’ll build healthy habits, and once you reach your goals, you’ll already be living the life you need to live to maintain your new weight and feel great forever more!

Start now!

Fitness doesn’t begin when you’re skinny, it begins when you’re at your worst and goes from there. Make a commitment right now to replace one bad habit with one good habit, stick to it, and ask yourself in 10 days if you aren’t glad you did it!

“I don’t have time to exercise” is something no fit / healthy person has ever said. And if you want to look like them, it’s time to start acting like them!