Podcast Episode 41: Keto Diet Myths vs. Reality

100 Down / Weightix
100 Down / Weightix
Podcast Episode 41: Keto Diet Myths vs. Reality

There are so many claims and beliefs out there about ketogenic dieting, but separating fact from fiction can be tricky. We examine the science behind several dozen of the most common claims to make you an expert. If people are telling you that keto is “unhealthy” — this is the podcast for you!!

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Weightix / 100 down podcast. I am Brian. I also have with me a semiprofessional turtle egg collector. Christopher, I want you to know I, I struggled so much to come up with those on the fly and Melanie is with us as well. Hi everyone. Yeah. So, we have a really interesting topic tonight. Um, and it was actually spawned by an article that was in the local media here. I won’t say the name of the, um, the local media group, except that it rhymes with bay smell. Okay. What’s KSL? They ran it. They ran an article. I’m on their website that talked about this a, I don’t even know where they found this person. Some registered dietician who just, I don’t know if Quito killed her uncle, like in his sleep or, or what, but man, she was not a fan of this diet.

And the interesting thing about the article was that as I, as I read it once and just kind of thought that that was the weirdest thing I’ve ever read. And then I read it again and I went, oh my gosh, there is not a single true statement. Like in the entire article she was, she didn’t even know the difference. Well, we’ll get into it. We’ll get into it. Needless to say, the lady was an idiot and I’m just going to leave it at that. It spawned a kind of a conversation on man. There are. So there’s so much bad information out there on the key to genic diet. Um, there are, there’s a lot of fearmongering out there. There’s people who kind of here, you know, that it’s one thing. And so they run around screaming how unhealthy it must be a. But in spite of all of that, in spite of the fear mongering that’s going on, I got to tell you like more and more and more people are jumping on board this thing.

And I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. If there was a weight loss pill that could do everything, the ketogenic diet does a, it would be worth billions of dollars because it truly is a, it’s a pretty incredible revolutionary way to lose weight or lose weight. So let’s get into this. We have a couple of things that I want to do today. Um, the first one is we have 33 things related to the Keto Diet and we’re calling it myths versus reality. So, so statements that are out there about the Keto Diet and we’re going to talk about whether they’re true or false and because we have 33 things, we’re going to go through this. It kind of a rapid fire pace, a much, much more rapidly than I think we get into topics typically on this podcast, but know that, you know, everything that we talk about has backing, um, there, there, there are studies, tobacco, everything that we’re gonna kind of quickly hit on here.

the second thing that tell you is we are going to bring back the live quiz. So live trivia. So, about halfway through here, if somebody taps me or reminds me, as we get into this podcast, we’ve got a trivia question we’re going to ask you, the answer is actually from a previous podcast. I won’t tell you which one and if you get the answer correct, if you’re the first person to get the answer correct in the live chat room, we’re going to give you, I think a one year premium weightings membership is what we’ll do. So a total value of dollars, which should get people excited. Um, and then, I have a really fun, um, weight loss tip of the week, this time. So kind of getting back to our normal routine on the, on the podcast. You guys ready to dive in?

Let’s do this. Okay. The only other thing that I’ll say is, as it relates to questions, because we are going to kind of go through this rapid fire. It’ll be really difficult to pause on one of these in and respond. Put your questions in any way, put them in the live chat room and we’ll pick them up at the end. And go through all the questions so just know that will, if you’ve got a question, we will definitely answer it. but we may not get to it at the exact moment that we’re on the topic. Fair enough. Let’s do this. Alright, I have a, we’re going to do this kind of, um, like game show style. So I want to, I want to cue this up, get everybody excited here. And I have a, again, 33 items we’re going to go through. Some of them are completely true. The statements that we’re going to make. Some of them are completely false. They’re complete rubbish and some of them are, they’re kind of in the middle. So as we hit each of these, I’ve got a sound effect. We’re going to play. If it’s completely true. Um, we’re gonna play this one. Alright. if it’s complete rubbish, there’s no way. What, the rumor of the myth is, is true. We’re going to play this one.

All right. Oh, you know what? Those may not even be loud enough. Can you guys hear those? Okay, I’m going to turn those up a little bit. I want to make sure of it. He said, okay, here’s the completely true. There we go, and here’s the complete rubbish.

All right. And, and

then there’s some that are kind of in the middle, right? Where you’re like, well, you know, it’s true sometimes other times it’s not. And I searched the Internet for a, it must have been a good four minutes for something and couldn’t come up with anything. So I made my own. Here it is. Maybe it’s true. Maybe it’s true sometimes. Alright, Ken, it sounds like you’re leaving for a second. Guys. He has a cat on his lap. He is squeezing. All right, let’s dive in here. You ready for number one? The first claim about the key to genic diet. I’ve heard, I don’t know if you guys tell me if you’ve heard this. Well, the Ketogenic Diet is interesting, but the claims about Quito are just claims. There’s no science yet. We don’t know yet. Chris, what do you think? Total, complete. Absolute Bunk, right? Quito actually started. Um, it’s a derivative of the old atkins diet, which has been around for longer than me. I think. Yeah. and during that time, this has been studied extensively in labs, high quality scientific studies, huge study groups that have that, that this has been studied on athletes, regular people on and on and on and on. There is probably more science on the Ketogenic Diet, I would say, than any other type of diet out there. We know a lot about how and why this thing works. So it’s a, what’s our, what’s our conclusion here?


Yeah. If there was a lot of science on Keto. Alright, you ready for number two? Bring it. All right. You’ve heard of Keto flu, that thing you get where you don’t feel good for the first couple of days, maybe even as much as a week after you start Keto. Will. The claim is. Melanie, tell me your reaction to this. Keto flu is proof. It is proof medical proof that Keto is unhealthy, but it’s bad for you. Right? Let’s do it again. Here we go.

Yeah. It’s complete bunk and the reason is because what we know is that Keto flu is actually the result of dehydration and we can get it all the reasons that it causes it, but I’m ketone flu is actually really easy to fix if you supplement with water, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, all the things that are, you know, the electrolytes that you get in a proper hydration, the symptoms go away, at least that seems to be, um, what’s happening with our group and it makes sense because when you start the Keto diet, your body dumps a lot of water weight from the lack of glycogen. We don’t need to get into the details around that, but the reasons for the Keto flu are easily and well documented and we know that it’s probably not hurting you and your body actually will adjust on its own, after again a couple of days or a week. So, definitely not proof that it’s unhealthy. Alright, you ready for number three? Chris, you’ll like this one. If you’re doing Keto, you can’t eat out at restaurants.

Nonsense. Just like the program where we planning what we eat and we eat what we plan. You got a plan where you’re going to and plan what you’re going to eat. My wife and I go out once a week. We’re both car boxers. No problem at all. But we planted out in advance.

Yeah. And I will also say this about restaurants. I would say it’s pretty tough to walk into any restaurant and open up the menu and find options that are truly Keto friendly without doing some modification. For example. Um, if you want the Burger, you order the Burger without a bun and instead of the fries you order, you know, a side of Broccoli, right? But literally 100 percent of restaurants are willing to accommodate those kinds of, you know, basic changes, right? So the fact that you can’t eat at restaurants or that, that’s a myth. Um, that is somebody who doesn’t understand that, you know, a restaurant is willing to swap the fries for a Veggie. And also there are so few restaurants now that do not have their information on Miami. Every. Everyone has their menus online now. So

no, I’ll take it a step further. There were quickly, if you go to the right restaurant, you can order meals straight off the menu with no modifications whatsoever that are 100 percent carbon or carbon friendly. It’s not a big challenge at all if you invest a little bit of time and pick a new restaurant.

Yeah, there’s some restaurants that are really good at this, but I will tell you, I, you know, when I was doing, I can get to a point, you can name the restaurant and I’ll tell you what to order their there. Um, it’s just every, every restaurant has something that you can make fit even if you have to modify it slightly afraid to say, you know what, just don’t bring out the button. Yeah, yeah. Or just grab the button, set it to the side of your plate, but be no big deal. Yeah. okay. So eating out at restaurants on Keto when people say you can’t eat out at restaurants if you’re doing Keto.

Not True. Alright. That brings us to the number five or number four. I’m sorry. Oh, I like this one. Um, so the claim from the Ketogenic community is that Keto improves your mood. Melanie, you, you, you did Keto for a little while. What would you, what do you think about that? I was really surprised with this one. I think with the extra fat that was in the Diet, I was a happy girl. Yeah. And by the way, I’ll say females especially tend to respond really well to the higher fat, just from an emotional standpoint. I don’t know why and I don’t necessarily know that science understands that side of it either, but we do know that there’s a hormonal response from eating extra fat that for whatever reason, females seem to require more than men and yet we seem to resist it right when we’re dieting, we think, oh, goes back to that. And by the way, one of the things that we do at [inaudible] with our macro formulas when we’re figuring out the ratios that are appropriate for you, um, gender is massively taken into account when we decide when the, when the formula picks those ratios because women frankly have very different nutritional requirements than men. Um, and if those are ignored, it never ends well.

Brian’s Guinea pig a couple times. We’ve, we’ve learned a lot. I do want to be careful with this one though because there is limited science. Most of what we know about Keto improving your mood is, um, Eh, it’s pretty limited in terms of actual, like, like peer reviewed, high quality studies that have been done on this because mood is such a subjective thing. So in while I firmly believe that it’s true. I’m still going to give this one. Yeah. I don’t know. Right? I can’t point to a study that says there’s proof and slide it across the table. It doesn’t make you more sad than any other drastic lifestyle change you’re making. You know what I’m saying? I would agree with them. In fact,

you’re missing the feedback loop when you’re on the Keto Diet and you’re losing weight. You’re smiling every morning when you get on the scale. This is great. It’s no wonder my mood’s going up. You’re getting more fit and more healthy.

Amen to that. Yeah. But yeah. Okay, perfect. Um, okay. Number five. I actually can’t count the number of people in the medical field who have, mentioned this to me when they, when they hear the word or they hear that somebody is doing a kito diet, I’ve heard this statement, oh, those guys are going into ketosis and that is a life threatening condition and it will kill you. A starvation. Chris, what is the word they’re actually looking for?

They’re thinking that they’re saying Keto acidosis, not Ketosis, right? There is a world of difference between those two conditions though. They sound very similar. They

do. And they are. Yeah, they’re completely different. So you’ve got medical professionals, so you hear the word ketosis and they think back, you know, 50 years to their medical training. And the closest word that registers is ketoacidosis. Like Chris said, and this is ketosis and ketoacidosis are not the same thing. Ketoacidosis is a life threatening condition, but it can only, it’s generally, I’m not aware of any situation. Now remember, I’m not a medical professional, but I’m not aware of any situation where ketoacidosis is a threat to anybody except a diabetic. In other words, if you have a functioning pancreas, um, I’m not aware of a situation where you can end up in Ketoacidosis a and it is not caused by the same things that, um, it, it’s, it, it, it’s different from ketosis. We can do a whole podcast on this. I don’t think we need to.

So the idea that could ptosis is a life threatening condition and it will kill you is nonsense. It’s not true. Okay. I like this. Next one’s interesting. Um, athletes shouldn’t do. Keto is the claim and I’m probably ever. Yeah, you guys are both looking at me. I’m probably the one with the strongest opinions on this one. Um, I am officially going to give it this. And the reason I say that is because it really depends on the type of athlete that you are. For example, ultra marathon runners who run ultra long distances for very long periods of time, and I’m talking like an ultra marathon runner. Typically we run 20 to 30 to 40 hours at once. I’m with minimal rest in between, but they go very, very, very slow while they’re doing it. Think of it. Think of it like speed walking, um, the entire time they have to conserve energy across that perspective, in that situation.

Guess what most of those guys are eating. It’s Keto and the reason is because thereafter that, that unlimited supply of fuel to push them through these situations, but guess what else? Their heart rate’s not that high while they’re doing this or they would not be able to complete these 100 mile, 200 mile, um, on foot journeys that they’re doing in relatively short periods of time. As soon as your heart rate needs to go high, Keto is no longer an appropriate way or a comfortable way to fuel. You can do it. You’re going to be miserable because it’s tough, but you will eventually adapt. You’ll just never be quite as fast. So if you’re an athlete, this is where I go depends on what type of athlete you are. If you’re a company you’re trying to to reach goals that way, if that’s, if that’s what your trajectory is for being an athlete, then yeah, and I think it depends so much on what is your heart rate while you are competing, right?

If your heart rate is high, you’re, you’re really pumping the whole time. Hiit, high cardio, right? Heavy Cardio. Then Keto is it? It’s okay. It’s just miserable and it’ll slow. It will slow you down a if you’re. The kind of athlete were, you know, that it’s not a high performance cardio than Ketos fine. Um, so that’s why it gets this. And we did a whole podcast on this so we don’t need to get it all the details. All right. Number seven. You ready for this one? Um, and I’m going to get an insulin because this has come up in our forums lately. It comes up in their facebook page all the time and it drives me bonkers. So I’m going to spend an extra minute on this one. You ready for the claim? Eating too much protein on the Keto Diet will knock you out of Ketosis if have you guys heard this, Chris, you’ve have you heard this?

And this is the first thing that people push back on us when they see Carmex Keto, right? Because carbon is. Keto is fairly high protein, not as high as the fat still, but, but it’s pretty high, much higher than traditional Keto. And the first thing that the community says, they pointed that go, oh, too much. Too much protein that’ll knock you out of ketosis. Your body will convert it to sugar. All right, pause. I’m going to give you this one, eh? There’s some qualification here. First of all, yes, it is a fact that too much protein will knock you out of Ketosis. However, the amount of protein that you have to eat in order for that to occur would astound you. Um, it is. Those levels are way higher than what we prescribed with Carmax. Keto, way higher. The other way that it, that it can occur.

And by the way, this, um, the scientific term for this is Gluconeogenesis, which is the conversion of protein to glucose. The other way that it can occur though is that it’s actually demand driven. In other words, if your body is completely starved of glucose and you feed it lots of protein, it will start converting the protein to glucose. So if you’re a heavy, heavy, heavy exerciser, big time athlete, and you start eating and you and you’re on the Keto diet and you eat even small amounts of protein, and I mean like even a little bit of protein, the first thing your body’s going to do is say, I need that glucose and it’ll start converting it. So it has nothing to do with the amount of glucose that your. Or I’m sorry, the amount of protein you’re eating, it’s demand driven. If your body is demanding glucose and it can’t produce it fast enough, yes, it will start converting protein into glucose. But even if you’re eating a tiny amount, so the carbon is Keto, ratios are not going to cause you to convert protein into glucose ever. Right? And even if you’re, well, if you’re an athlete, they might, but in that case, um, regular traditional Keto will cause the same thing.

Chris, did that make sense

for those people that understood what you’re saying about everyone else’s mud? All right. We’ll go with the mud anyway. eating too much sugar in carbon. It’s a nonissue bottom line that I forgot who was in maintenance and is fit and buff and really pushing it. Yeah. Maybe we want to talk with you and have a little consultation

maybe. Yeah, I, yes. That’s a good way to put it. So, so I was, as far as that claim goes, I’m like, no, no, technically yes. But the qualifications are important. Alright. I love number eight on our list. You Ready? I hear this claim all the time. Keto is great, but it’s not a sustainable lifestyle. What do you think of that, Chris?

I would argue that I’ve been doing kito more or less for the last 10 years. Yeah, I think it’s extremely, extremely sustainable. You can do it for, for years and years and years. That’s a great lifestyle for them. What do you think? I think absolutely.

You think it is sustainable as a lifestyle? Yeah. Okay. I actually, I’ve. Okay, so I’m going to be the dissenting vote on this one.

Hey, wait, I have a caveat though. Okay. Go ahead. If you plan. I think the thing that, that I think that most people miss on Kido, everybody talks about, well, I don’t get the fresh fruits and veggies fresh, you know, the veggies and I think if you’re, if you’re careful with what you, what you plan. I think when you just. Did you accept the things that you can eat on Kido is vegetables and very limited fruit. Yeah. Sustainable.

Yeah. I agree. So Mrs. where I’m going to give the. Because if you are. First of all, I don’t think anything is sustainable longterm. If you truly say I’m going to give up this entire class of food forevermore. Right? Couldn’t agree with you more. I wonder if that’s in. Come on. Nobody’s gonna do that, right? Nobody’s going to give up a bread for the rest of their lives. Right. You can give it up 99 percent of the time, but every once in awhile you’re going to have some bread and, and that’s normal and that’s okay. Especially once you reach your goal weight, right? If you’re trying to do Keto as a lifestyle, um, I just think you plan in cheat meals and I think that’s okay. And this is where I kind of give you the, the, the, you know, you can eat Keto as a lifestyle, as long you plan in, hey, you know what, once a month, I do have chips and salsa, right?

Oh, I forgot about chips and salsa. No, but hopefully my point is clear. Is it sustainable as a lifestyle? I think so with that qualification of

look, you know, once you’re in maintenance there’s nothing wrong with finding a little bit of. Yeah, balance there. Um, and and we’re going to talk more about some of these others, um, in terms of what maintenance actually it looks like. And did you know, I’m going to tease one of my later numbers here. Did you know there are people who, who eat ketosis or who eat ketogenic diets, who have never been overweight and are not overweight and they still eat heat agentic diet on purpose. We’re going to talk about why the super interesting history of Ketosis. Yeah. Alright. okay. I like number 10 a lot. this one’s worthy of a little bit of discussion. Um, the rumor is that you will lose muscle mass on the Keto Diet. Oh, you forgot number nine. Oh, did I? Oh, I don’t want to forget number nine. All right. I’m sorry. We’re going to come to like, oh, let’s swap them around. We’ll just put them. Okay. So number nine, you will lose muscle mass on the Keto Diet. Yeah. You guys are both looking at me again because I’m the one that screamed so loud about this

sometimes. Yeah, I can. You can put yourself in a state where that does happen. Yes. But on our diet, I think it would be mighty hard.

And I think the way this is worded is funny because if it said you can lose muscle mass on the Keto Diet, might say, yeah, you absolutely can. Ah, definitely will. No, no, no, I don’t think you, you, you definitely, I mean, it really comes down to a couple of things. One, if you’re exercising and doing any kind of strength training, it doesn’t matter what your ratios are, you’re not going to burn muscle mass because your body, um, will feel like it needs the muscle that you have. So that’s number one, that’s how you preserve muscle mass on a traditional Kito Diet. How do you preserve muscle mass? If you don’t want to do strength training, Karbachs Keto, you eat more protein. It’s really that simple. And that’s where the [inaudible] Keto is designed around, is making sure that you preserve as much muscle mass as possible while you’re still being able to stay in Ketosis, to burn fat for energy. So, um, as long as you’re doing carbon Keto, you’re not going to burn. You’re not gonna burn muscle mass. all right, you ready for the one we skipped? All right, well now 10, 10, the rumor is, and I’ve actually heard this even from a lot of people on the Ketogenic Diet, say, Oh, I’m doing Keto, I can’t drink alcohol, or Oh yeah, you can’t drink alcohol on the Ketogenic Diet. Is that true?

Yeah, I’m going to give it that one. I’m going to give it that one.

Depends what you drink and how much of it, like any other part of your diet. Yes, that’s exactly right. A lot

of people have this perception when they think of alcohol as, you know, a glass of wine or you know, the, the, the kind of drinks that have a little umbrella in them, you know, they’re super, super sweet. Just cruises. Exactly. You know, your, your opinion Colada. Yeah. Yeah. That’s gonna. That’s got so much sugar in there. Do you know how many calories are in data? I found out like a, like a regular size Pina Colada on a, on a resort, like 800 calories in a Pina Colada. I couldn’t believe it. So they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re basically pure sugar. Um, yeah. If you avoid the sugary drinks, and by the way, wine is typically, well red wine. Red Wine is usually pretty sugary. It really depends on the variety of lane. Okay. Some have less sugar. Alright. as long as you avoid the sugary stuff, um, you’re probably okay.

But I will also tell you that alcohol itself, alcohol is a macronutrient, will not knock you out of Ketosis. So if it’s straight a vodka straight, ever clear, straight gin straight. Um, what are the other clear alcohols? Tequila? A straight Tequila, right? I’m straight. I’m trying to think of what, what are the other clear one? The, the stuff where there’s it, it is just alcohol, right? Those are fine. There’s no sugar in those and as long as you avoid the sugar, you’re going to be fine and you go, Ooh, gross. I don’t want to drink straight alcohol. Just put a, like if you’re a vodka drinker, put vodka and soda water and then, you know, add some lemon juice or something. Um, and I’m sure it still tastes super gross, but you know, it is at least a way to get it done. And there’s no sugar in it, so you should be fine. Um. Alright. So alcohol on Keto. The wind says you can’t drink alcohol and Keto, if you can write just, you have to be very picky about what you drink. All right.

You’re also an awful lot of low carb beers on the market now. Oh, actually this stuff, you know, one, two, three carbs. A beer.

Yeah, that’s a good point. Now you still have to watch the calories in the alcohol because alcohol itself still as calories. But that’s true. There are now like this whole line of Keto friendly beers out there. I’ve heard about this. I can’t imagine they taste good, but I, I guess if that’s, you know, you’re trying to sneak something in. I guess that would work right. It’s just the light carb. Okay. Okay. All right. Yeah, that makes sense. I guess Keto, Moonshine is her, answered all of this and, and carries laughing at my reference to everclear. Hey, I’m just giving you the facts. I’m not telling you what he’s not saying. He has a stockpile of a. all right, let’s move on here. Um, and then we’re going to do one more and then I want to, then we’ve got a couple

more here. All right. The next one I’ve heard, I hear this occasionally, um, and it’s, you should only stay on Keto for short periods of time. let’s go. Chris, disagree, in my opinion, didn’t. I’ve never had anybody actually

lane this to me and not in any way that made any sense whatsoever other than they use weird terms like, oh, it causes damage to your, I’ve heard damaged your liver. I’ve heard damage to your kidneys. I’ve heard damage to your. I’ve heard everything and none of them are here. I’m just going to do this.

Yeah, there is zero

evidence that being on a ketogenic diet long term has any negative effects whatsoever. Um, at least we’ll get into some of this other stuff, but being on a longterm. Yeah, I dunno.

I would say a ketogenic diet works best when it’s longterm. Yeah, it was really. You’re going to get the real. I think that’s the whole point of a Ketogenic Diet, right? Is it doesn’t really

for 90 days. Give it a year, give it to you or see what happens to you.

Yeah, because what you’re after is that fat adaptation process, right? You’re trying to force your body to get energy from fat and that actually takes a while to force it to say at a certain point your body goes, okay, I guess this is how we’re doing this. I guess you’re not going to feed me glucose anymore, so I’m going to have to figure out a way to get it on my own and it will literally start converting fat into glucose. We’re going to talk more about that in a second.

let’s see. That was number 12. I want to go back to diabetes. I see. I’m terrible as. Oh, you have us here for a minute. We’re keeping you straight, brother. This is a good one. I’ll keep them. I hear will correct. Right. All right. I hear this one a lot. I hear this one a lot.

A number of Keto can cure diabetes. Is that true?


like, because. Because science tells us there are no known cures for diabetes. Right? Right.

The answer is, and yet everyone who’s been on Keto and his getting off their insulin and diabetes medication, raise your hand. Yeah,

board. There’s a lot of folks that are diabetics that go on Kido and their life gets massively better.

Yeah. So I want to be really, really, really, really careful with this claim, right? Because first of all, there, even eating, you know, a key to genic diet is not going to cure type one diabetes in any way, shape or form, right? Type two diabetes, however, um, we’ve got

is cure and the word may be the wrong choice as it may be that Keto can manage diabetes very effectively. I think that can cure diabetes, improve your

well, he, manages probably the right term

because what we found out is that people who stick to a, a, a, a, a, a, a strict ketogenic diet have found, at least every one of them that’s in our group have found that they are eventually able to get off of their medication completely. Um, are they cured? No, I don’t think I would dare make that statement, but from their perspective, as long as they continue to eat Keto, the diabetes is completely managed without medication. That is pretty interesting. If you’re a type two diabetic, I would encourage you to take a very close look at this and by the way, most doctors who specialize in this are now recommending to their patients that they take a look at the key to genic diet as well. Not all of them have caught up to that. If you ever have a doctor tell you otherwise, I would actually seek a second opinion. I’m not trying to be your doctor. I’m not telling your doctor is wrong, but that would be something that where I would seek a second opinion because most specialists are now saying if you’re a type two diabetic, you ought to be taking a real close look at this and we’ll add a second caveat here. If you developed type two diabetes because of your weight,

pure weight based diabetic, then you really, really want to be looking at going on carb backs or a ketogenic diet as a treatment because of what brought on the diabetes to begin with.

Right? Right. Get rid of the weight. Right? So Keto can cure diabetes. I’m going to give it can cure diabetes is going to get. This isn’t going to cure your diabetes, however. I’m going to rephrase it. Keto can help you manage your type two diabetes. yeah, for sure. There’s so much medical evidence around this now that, that it’s, it’s a big deal.

Hang on guys, don’t forget to address type one diabetes is, if you are a type one insulin dependent diabetic, you are still better off on a Keto diet then on a non kito diet because it’s going to, it’s going to reduce your insulin amount when you have to take the better.

I think so too. And, and yeah, this is another situation where you really don’t need A. I’m getting into a territory where I don’t belong. Um, and I’m not afraid to admit that, but yes, there are type one. Diabetics really ought to also take a really close look at this. I’ll just, I’ll leave it at that. All right. Um, I want to switch gears. Let’s pause for a second because I want to do our, our trivia if we can. And we ready for this. All right, the trivia question. Let me pull it up. This was in a previous podcast that we talked about and I’m going to just gonna read it to you. The question, the first person to post the correct answer in the chat room is going to get a free one year, a weightings premium membership. Can’t get those fingers on right here we go. Home row. If you’re doing net carbs, which are a carbon Keto people should be doing, we learned in a previous podcast that you can subtract all of the carbs from insoluble fiber. However, that is not the case for ins, I’m sorry, for insoluble fiber. However, that is not the case for soluble fiber. How many carbs can you safely subtract for soluble fiber?

Are you ready? All right, now while we wait for our.

Here we go.

All right. I think we have our answer. Let’s see, who was it that got, at first it was married. Mary Hunter said half of the carbs. That is correct. A nice job. Mary reminded me, please when the podcast is over, send me a private message and I will deliver your goods to you. Um, it takes me about five seconds to get you upgraded there. So send me an send me a quick message as soon as the overnights job, Mary. Yes it is. You can subtract half of the carbs for soluble fiber and I have to say that makes my heart proud because it means people actually do listen to this thing. Alright. alright, let’s keep going here. I’ve got a, we got a bunch more to get through. Um, well I like this one. I’ve had people argue with me on this one, like, like straight, like toe to toe. Like you are. Yeah, here we go. Ready? the, the, the statement is you can’t drink diet soda while you’re on Keto. Melanie, you want to take this one? [inaudible]? Um, I say false. Okay. Chris, what’s your vote? Absolutely false. I got a diet mountain dew right in front of me. Yeah. Yeah. It doesn’t seem to have any impact at all. Um, on your ketosis levels, ability to burn fat. Um, there is no studies that show that Diet soda seems to be blocking fat burn while on a Ketogenic Diet. So I’m afraid that this one,


you absolutely can drink diet soda while you’re on a ketogenic diet shouldn’t, shouldn’t be a problem. with the qualification that we actually did do, we do a podcast and a blog article that walks through this in a little more detail. There is this one qualification that says that if you drink a lot of diet soda in a large number of people, not everybody, it does seem to cause sugar cravings. So while that alone isn’t a bad thing, it, that alone won’t cause you to not burn fat. You might find yourself a little bit miserable that triggers something you might want to. I don’t to make yourself miserable on purpose, but, but it doesn’t happen to everybody. And my experience for most people is they have to be drinking quite a bit of it before that becomes an issue. So. Oh, oh, my favorite one is, are you ready for, for soapbox central for a minute.

All right. Number 14, there are supplements you can take that will help you get into ketosis faster. They’re also known as exogenous ketones. There it’s stuff you can drink. Typically a, you there are typically sold through Mlms, multilevel marketing companies. you buy this stuff, it’s in powder form. You put it in your, your drink or your protein shake or whatever, and it helps you get into ketosis faster or you know, it’ll, if you, if you had a cheat meal, you know that morning, but you use these supplements that it invalidates the cheap mail. And suddenly you’re in Ketosis. Again, if. Have you guys heard of this extensively? Yeah. so the question is, do they work? Melanie? We experimented with these. Do you remember this? I went and bought tons of different brands of these, tons of different types, some that work different ways than others.

The laughter, filling the chat room right now is awesome because I thought, you know, if there’s anything to this, I kind of want to know, first of all, I want to be very, very, very clear on one thing. There are zero, there is zero scientific evidence to support the claims from the supplement companies that they can get you back into ketosis right now. What I wanted to know is where are these claims coming from? Right. So we experimented with you a little bit on these and I bought a lot of these and they are not cheap by the way. Um, they’re extremely expensive and so we tried them out and I’ll let you summarize it in as few words as you can it. They did nothing at all. Nothing at all. Like, like didn’t eat nothing. Yeah. They had no impact whatsoever. A what not a fan of the anal suppositories by the way.

I’m just kidding. There aren’t any of those. Yeah. What they actually do, because you know, there’s people out there who swear by them and if you read the reviews on them, you would think that everything I’m saying is wrong. What they do is they trigger a false positive on a ketone test. and so if you drink these, they actually do contain ketones and, and they get into your system and a couple of things happen. First of all, they do trigger that false positive on the pee test. So if you, the, the Ketone Test where you pee on the stick and the color changes. So basically you’re drinking ketones, your pinky toe. Yeah, it goes right through you. And so, um, somebody will sit down and they’ll eat a candy bar which would knock you out of instantly. And then four hours later, six hours later they do a ketone test and it says you’re no longer in ketosis.

And then they drink the supplement, right? And then two hours later they do the test again and it says, you’re in Ketosis and you go, oh my gosh, I can eat carbs and stay in ketosis. Not quite while it’s doing its. Yeah, you’re, you’re, you’re drinking ketones, so your p and ketones and you’re fooling the test. You’re not at. Your liver is not producing ketones in that scenario right there. That’s the stuff you drank, so you’re not in ketosis. A, it does. Another interesting thing, and there’s a professor down at Byu right now who’s studying this in great detail and some of the science and studies that he’s producing a really worth paying attention to because by the way, Provo, Utah, where Byu is, is the capital of the exogenous ketone supplement world right now. just interesting that they happen to coincide, but the research that he’s doing is showing that not only do they not put you in Ketosis, but if you are in Ketosis, if you’re doing everything right and you take the supplements, it will actually block fat burn.

Go right. Because what happens is your body no longer needs the will no longer. It no longer needs the energy from the ketones that your liver is producing, so it stops producing them. Your body literally stops producing fat or stops burning fat because you’re drinking energy. You with me? It no longer needs it. Carrie on says he’s studying her. Oh, interesting. That’s so cool. Um, yeah, that’s very, very interesting. Yeah. You’re now burning their ketones and not your ketones. And so, if please don’t waste your money on these, please don’t waste your money. Don’t get pulled into the, the hype on these. The people who claim that they’re working do not understand the Diet. They’re there. They do not understand the false positives. Just just stay away from them. They’re a complete waste of money. Like most things that mlms are selling. How’s that

for the hip right there? If it’s coming from an Mlm, generally speaking

aboard it beat ultra cautious because it either doesn’t work or it does work, but it’s massively over, probably over priced right and there is there. I’m not aware of anything. I don’t know that those are the only two categories I’m aware of. All right, so the, the idea that you can take a supplement that will help you get back into ketosis faster or that you can use exogenous ketones to help you is, I wish I could play that like 25 times in a row for that one. All right, let’s go to number 15 here. People who lose weight on Keto, just gain it all right back. Don’t know. What do you think, Chris?

If you go on a hardcore Keto Diet, let’s say you go on garbage for 90 days and you lose your 10 percent and then you go off the Diet and start eating

whatever you want.

Yes, you will gain it right back and that goes for any diet that you’re on and you end the Diet. If you start pounding down the big macs and the fries and the chocolate shakes, guess what? It’s all going to come right back.

I can’t hack how many times I’ve heard this, like I did this diet, I lost all this weight, and then I stopped doing it and I gained all the weight back and I’m like, well, did you go back to women? Like what did you do differently after you got off the Diet? I just went back to what I was doing before. Well, yeah, that’s how it works. Um, yeah. And, and I wouldn’t necessarily say that Keto is any more or less. I’m sensitive to that, but I will say this, as soon as you go off of the Keto Diet, you’re going to gain five or 10 pounds literally within a day or two.

Why is that?

Well, it’s because now you’re eating carbs in your body requires water to process those carbs, and so it’s going to hold onto it. You remember when you started the Keto Diet and you lost five or 10 pounds in like three days.

Remember that? Yeah.

When you go off the Diet, you have to pay that back.

And so that’s why there’s this perception of,

oh, as soon as you go off Keto, you’re going to gain 10 pounds. Well, yeah, but you didn’t gain 10 pounds of fat, right? You just went off Keto. Eight tons of sugar in your body overreacted to that, and now you’re holding on. Now you’re,

you know,

you’re swollen, your walking around with a ton of water, your body will regulate that. It does it eventually, it eventually levels out in. The best way to do it is to kind of slowly introduce the carbs and and the water weight gain will be slow and it’s not going to overreact and all this stuff. But you do gain some water weight back when you go off Keto. There’s no question about it, but it’s not fat. Right, right. Okay. so the idea that people who lose weight on Keto, just gain it all back.

I’m going to give it this one. I’m sorry.

No more so than any other diet out there. I don’t think it’s, it has nothing to do with Keto, right? All right. what about this one kid hostess can cause dangerous levels of dehydration.

Well, if you never drink water while you’re on,

that’s probably true.

Not Drinking Water can cause dangerous levels of dehydration.

You know what I’m going to do with this one? Actually, I’m,

I actually think this is true.

Um, it’s, it’s completely manageable, right? One drink more water, but yeah. Um, when you stop eating carbs, your body starts dumping water, it overreacts to the, to this and dumps end dumps, end dumps water, and that’s where your initial five, 10 pounds of weight loss comes from and is your body is dumping water. You do become dehydrated. That’s what Keto flu is. So how do you solve it while you drink water and you supplement with the things that your body is dumping, it’s sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium supplement with those in you, like a lot, like, a lot more than you think you do. So

for some

people, not everybody. This can be way worse than for other people. So

watch this as you start the Diet. If you don’t feel good, if you’ve got a headache, if you feel nauseous, if you feel sick,

you’re probably massively and you probably ought to, you know, fix that. Um, most people that I know on the Keto diet claim to feel better if they are supplementing with electrolytes in some way. And I don’t mean gatorade by the way, I mean like a lot more electrolytes than gatorade has. So that is a good indication that people on the key to genic diet are probably a little bit dehydrated just because they’re not eating carbs and therefore there’s not as much water on board as there normally would be. Um, is it dangerous? Not if you manage it right. You know, what’s happening? I wouldn’t say it’s dangerous

being brown. You have issues.

Yeah. Right, right. Yeah. So you would treat that like you would treat any other kinds of dehydration, drink more water and you know, supplement a little bit if you need to. So, all right, let’s go on here. Oh, I like this one. Here’s the claim. You will always have low energy if you’re doing Keto. It was just always feel like, you know, just tired all the time because you’re not eating carbs. And so, you know, and as everybody knows, carbs are the only source of energy out there. Right? Chris, you’ve been doing this for awhile, you feel pretty sluggish most of the time.

No, I’d say quite the contrary, especially if you’re coming in to Keto, is a large guy or a large woman, as you start to drop that weight in Keto, you start to feel better. You start to have more energy, more mental clarity, and all the indicators going in the opposite direction. Yeah, it’s a total win win situation for most people.

In fact, again, this is one of those things where the studies are a little bit anecdotal because you have to ask people how they feel like, do you have more energy? Well, and you know, that’s hard to gauge sometimes, but there are studies in mice that show that when they feed my key to genic diet, that their activity level does go up, which is super interesting when you think about it. Now it takes a while to get there. They, the mice need several weeks to become fat adapted. But at the end of several weeks period, most of the mice and these studies are showing an increased level of activity from the change in the, um, in the eating super interesting. I think. So the idea that, if you eat a ketogenic diet, you will have low energy. No, maybe at first, at first that’s probably true, but, but longterm, no way. No Way. Fat is actually your preferred source of energy for day to day activity and your, your body would just much rather have that. You’ve just got to teach it that that’s what it has to do. A, should we pause for a second and do what was the other thing we were going to do here? Oh, the weight loss tip of the week. Yeah, let’s do this. Hang on. I gotta I gotta I gotta think for this. Oh,

weight loss tip of the week like this,

you know, the best part about that sound effect I think is that people who donate to wait x, no, for sure, that their money is not being spent to produce a quality podcast. Super, super clear that the money is maybe. Yeah. so your weight loss tip of the week, are you ready for this? Um, so many people when they start a new, a new approach to weight loss and new diet and new, anything they don’t want to tell anybody and they keep it really quiet because they’re embarrassed, right? Um, and I get that. I truly do, but I’m going to tell you this, my wait list for the week. I want you to go tell freaking everybody that you are on a diet. Now, why would I give that advice? Any ideas?

I think so if, if people around you know that you are working toward a goal, they’re going to be more conscious about not tempting you, right? And they’re going to be more careful about what they, what they do around you, what they say around you, and then it’s going to help you out a lot.

I think it does too. I think you’re actually, when you tell people that you’re doing this, you’re, you’re, you’re literally subconsciously. You don’t even say the words, but you’re asking for their support, right? You’re asking for their help. Hey, I’m doing this thing. This is how I’m doing it. You’re going to get a lot of opinions to ignore the opinions because they’re going to start, and this is what we’ve talked about before. You’re gonna get a lot of weight loss advice from overweight people. Don’t listen to them, um, ignore that part. But what you’re after is the accountability with them right now. And it’s, it’s, it’s two way, right? The first thing is just like you said, Melanie, they’re going to be way more conscious about, you know, when, when it’s donut Tuesday at the office, they’re going to, they’re probably still going to be polite and offer you a donut, but they’re also going to be very understanding when you say no.

Right? Right. Ah, that’s the first part, right? The second part is when you do say no, are you going to feel weird? No, no. In fact if you say yes, you’re going to feel weird. And it felt like that because everybody there in the office knows your trying to lose weight and if you say yes to the donut, what kind of, yeah, we’re going to jump. Do you look like then? Right. So yeah, I think, I think letting other people in on this is a really good way to hold yourself accountable because nobody wants to look dumb in front of their friends and coworkers and family, right? Let them know, here’s what I’m doing, here’s how I’m doing it. Um, and, and, and, and when you are tempted in front of them, you’re never going to be tempted in front of them. At least not a not.

It will drastically reduce the temptation, let’s just put it that way. Right? So I, I liked it. Yeah. Jason says, once people knew I was sugar free, they quit feeding me and they started watching everything. I ate a, it’s true. All you have to do is say, no, I’ve given up sugar. And I guarantee you before somebody hands you a donut, they’ll say, oh, Jason, you want to, oh, oh, probably not. These have quite a bit of sugar in them. No, no problem. I’ll, you know. And they start being really conscious about it. In fact, if you go out to lunch with coworkers and they know you’re a diet, guess who gets to pick where you go to lunch? Generally they defer to the to you like, Hey, you’re, you’re the one you know, and they’re not trying to be rude. They’re trying to be nice and hey, what?

Where would you like to go? Where can we make work for you? But what a great position to be in, right? A guy at work took my cookie away and threw it in the garbage. Says, Jensen, this is what I’m talking about, right? Yeah. That’s a good friend, right? When you let people know that you have a goal and you’re working on it and you’re working hard for it, they’re going to help look out for you. Right? And I’m, I’m. That’s your weight loss tip of the week. Tell everybody, right? Your family, your friends, your coworkers, let them know.

Can I expand on that please? One more good thing that happens when you’re on a diet and you’re trying to get fit and you let people around you know that you’re trying to get fit. Those that are fit will encourage you and support you and help you because they want more people that are fit and those that you associate and hang out with tend to be who you are. If you want to be fit, you want to hang out and associate with people who are fit, not with people who are overweight. You’re going to change the makeup of your social group if you’re going, if you’re looking to lose 50 or 75 or 100 pounds, guess what? You’re going to be needing a couple of new friends and you’re likely to make some new friends on your journey.

There’s a whole podcast right there. That is fantastic. That is, that is a deep topic that has got some real emotional attachments to it for some people. Um, because there are concepts in there like, are your friends intentionally sabotaging you? And guess what? I’ll bet some of them are, um, they don’t want you to succeed because if you succeed, they look bad. At least that’s how they view it. This is a documented psychological scenario, right? Um,

the other half of that. So some of your friends are gonna. See you starting to have success, you know, once you’ve lost 15, 20, 25 pounds and they start to notice it. Oh yeah. They’re gonna start asking you, what are you doing? How can I do it? Yup. Is the you did it. Those are your good friends. That means yeah, well maybe I can do it too. You know, those are your good friends, right? Absolutely. I’ve had several of those in my journey that has decided to join me. It’s like, hey, you know, okay Chris, I saw you last 50 slash 60 pounds. Tell me more.

Yeah, yeah. Now there’s a whole podcast we need to do on this and I really actually do want to get into this and. But that, that’s going to be an emotional one for me. And, and I think for others because just like you say, Chris, I, I have a very different socials or melanie. I have a very different social circle now than I did when I was bigger. And people that I thought were my good friends. I don’t like being around fit and healthy. I’m not because of anything I was doing differently, but because of it’s, it’s sort of this reminder of the fact that they’re not, and that’s not supposed to be that way. Right? No, there’s nothing intentional about it. It’s just, it’s just, I think it’s a reminder. They, they feel like it’s just hard. They feel like it’s hard for them and, and, and it’s too bad and it’s sad. And I, I. Anyway. All right. Well this guy dark. This is reliable. It is, it is.

Yeah. Jason, you know, when you lose a hundred pounds, your social change.

Do you want to do, are different now you’re, you’re strong and you’re healthy and you’re fit and you want to get outside. You don’t want to sit on the couch anymore. Watch TV. When you start having major body changes, your life changes. We look at you. You are, you’re 100 pounds ago. You were a different guy.

Yeah. Yeah. No, I agree. And I think physically and mentally, socially, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m, I think completely different than I than I was

when I met you. The only running you would do is to the xbox to get another ice cream.

Well, yeah, but it was more like a, like a, like a brisk walk

because I was kind of a lumber. Yeah. Yeah.

What Melanie and I joke that I used to run quarter keys to the mailbox and that that was false. Yeah. Alright. I played the wrap up sound. We got involved. We got to keep this on track. Okay. What was the last one? We did a low energy. Low Energy. We’re on. Oh, we’re on 18 now. Okay. This one’s a good one. This one’s a good one. The claim from the Keto community. Remember some of these. I love this because half of these claims come from outside the community and half the claims come from inside the Keto community. One of the claims that the Keto community likes to make is that Keto will make you smarter. Have you heard this, Chris? Yes,

absolutely. Yeah, I agree with it. I think there’s a mental fog that comes with weight and is the weight comes off and the Keto kicks in. I do think. You think clearly.

Okay. Melanie, I goes back to that fat for me when I have a higher, higher fat diet, it seems like I have better mental clarity. Yeah. I’m going to tell you this, as it relates to this, um, the ketogenic diet is now all the rage in silicon valley among silicon valley executives. These are typically not people who need to lose weight. They’re typically not in it to shed pounds. They’re not in it for weight loss purposes. So why on earth are they? So they’re not epileptic. They don’t have any medical conditions, diabetic or not diabetic. There’s, they’re, they’re not doing it for medical reasons. And so why, why all the rage? And the answer is it relates to this one. it is, it is becoming trendy to eat this way among these kind of smart, you know, a progressive thinkers because they believe it makes them smarter.

They also believe, and I’m gonna, go back to the one that we did before, that it gives them significantly more energy. Um, claims from these guys. And again, this is just anecdotal stuff, but the claims from them are things like, you know, the afternoon crash has gone at 3:00 PM, I’m just as productive as I was at 10:00 AM, um, and they believe that it’s making them smarter and the brain fog that they didn’t even know they had is gone and that they’re thinking more clearly. And so this is all the rage right now. It’s, it’s the biggest, biggest new trend. I will tell you there’s, that this is very, very difficult to study in terms of, you know, makes you smarter. Like how do you, how do you build a study that shows that a ketogenic diet or smarter than somebody else. Um, especially because you would need to know, you know, I mean, do you give them a puzzle to solve before and after? It’s very, it’s very tricky to study. Um, and this is fairly cutting edge. This is a fairly cutting edge claim. I will tell you though, there are studies done on mice where it is fairly easy to measure intelligence in mice. And once again, the studies are confirming that mice who eat a ketogenic diet are able to solve problems quicker and more efficiently than my students who do not.

I don’t know about you that you can prove the thing on the afternoon crash though. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That should be, that’s absolutely hardcore fact. I suspect that it is to a. But if any of these claims are true, and by the way even just

claimed that a mouse know mice are able to, ah, improve their ability to problem solve by eating a ketogenic diet. I realized that’s not a human test, but that’s damn interesting, right? That, that there is something going on, um, at the brain level when you switched to this style of eating. It’s super interesting. And so this idea that um, Keto can make you smarter. I am going to go here.

I, I think so. I think there’s a little more reactive. Less. Yeah. I think this is legit. I really do. And I think there’s enough evidence to back it up. Lord. Smarter is kind of subjective. It’s still a little subject, maybe a little sharper increases mental acuity. I think that’s good.

Yeah, I think that’s all fair. Um, all right. Number 20 a Oh, number 19. I’m sorry. This one’s really interesting. So the claim from, I’ve heard this from a lot of different sources, is that Keto can help people who have epilepsy. Chris, have you heard this claim?



Back on the history of Keto. Keto came about because of epilepsy. That was the original genesis of the Diet to begin with. Had nothing to do with losing weight.

Somebody figured out that if you stop eating carbs, that

people who had epilepsy or seizures went away, and

I’m going to tell you this now, almost. Okay. All specialists in the epileptic world are now giving them patients to treatment options. One is medication and the other is you can eat a to genic diet again now for weight loss purposes necessarily. Although for some people that’s a nice bonus, but the medical community really does back this up and there are mounds of evidence studies because this was first discovered in, I want to say the fifties or wasn’t even earlier than that. Maybe it could have been like, this was a long time ago when this was first figured out and it’s taken the medical community a long time to get on board with this because of one very important factor. They don’t know why. I have no idea why eating a key to genic diet is, um, is helping people who have epilepsy a control, um, their, their situation.

So, can the key to genic diet help people with epilepsy? Absolutely. This really, if I’m on the, I’m on epilepsy.org and they’re saying it was first associated in 1920. That is incredible. So we’ve got 100 years of experience. Yeah. And it’s no wonder that Keto, going back to that very first claim of, of the Keto Diet is, you know, they’re just claims it hasn’t, there’s no science. There’s a hundred years of science right there now, behind this thing. And that’s why I continue to say it is probably the most well studied diet and in history. Um, so the idea that there’s no science behind it as well. It’s all right. But we covered that one. We can help people with that flip. Oh yeah. So can you say is the most effective on children? yes. Um, and what do children usually love to eat more of than anything else?

Sugar. Yeah. Bacon. That might be true. And candy coated. Bacon and not. Look, I’m not, I’m not saying that that’s necessarily the reason, but it sure makes sense from my perspective to say if you’ve got a kid that loves sugar and their epileptic and a ketogenic diet can help them, I would think it would massively help them if there’s a connection there, um, that, that would, that would explain, that would explain it. at least the connection. We still don’t know the why, right? Um, okay. Number 20, the, the, the claim is that if you’re doing Keto, you can cheat, you can occasionally cheat Melanie.

You can, you can do it. It’s a free country. Um, I think that the, the restriction is that you need to stay away from the sugar. Estelle, it’s not a go out and have a donut for your cheat meal. You can, you can cheat on Kido caloric lies, but stay away from the carbs and the sugars. Yeah. The interesting thing about cheating on Kido is if you truly cheat, meaning you eat way more carbs than you’re supposed to, you’re no longer on Kido right here, you’re now, you’re now no longer doing the Diet. So to say, you can cheat on Keto. I kind of go, I don’t, you know, no, you’re no longer. You’re no longer ready

the Diet anymore, right? But there’s a big huge. Go ahead, go ahead. But is, let’s say you’re on curb x Keto, which is our favorite Kito Diet, and you follow that baby to the tk. You’ve done great and you’ve stayed the whole 90 days and you’ve lost your 10 percent. There is some antidotal evidence that you can cheat on the 91st day and on the 92nd day be right back on Keto with no adverse effects. Agree, that’s true. We’re in the process of attempting to verify if there’s real validity to that or not.

Yeah, I agree. Um, 10,000 percent actually. Sometimes it’s so good for you mentally. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Look, look, you know, hold on. Let’s, let’s be very clear when it comes to the weight x protocol, whether you do macro feed or macro fit or starbucks, Kido, I am a huge advocate of the cheat meal, a structured, planned cheat meal, right? Not something you plan at the spur of the moment. That’s not a cheat meal. That’s a binge, right? Yeah. You don’t need to, if you didn’t plan it 24 hours in advance, it’s not a cheat meal. Plan a trip to Haagen Daas is part of my team. Um, but I’m a huge fan of these structured well planned cheat mail and there’s lots of different ways to do it in lots of different ideas. So yes, absolutely. That should be part of your, your weight loss journey. So, but I just want to qualify that, that cheating, eating carbs will knock you out of Ketosis for a short period of time. And then you have to kind of, you know, get back into it and that’s okay as long as you know that that’s what’s going on. But the one of the fundamental tenants of the key to genic diet is that eating carbs is causes this sort of reset. And that resets not necessarily a bad thing, but it is, it is a reset. In fact, sometimes that resets a good thing.

I think after the 90 day period is likely to prove beneficial longterm. One hundred percent agree, right? Really? I think it’s no longer an optional cheat meal. That moment, that day. You probably really want to go out and eat a bunch of carbs, kick yourself out, hit the reset button fully, and then start over. Start over. Totally. I think you’ll, you’ll have a much more successful second, third and fourth round of, of Keto.

It’s not a, it’s not a Friday night cheat meal every Friday night. It’s a when you are done with your challenge.

Yeah. I think Chris is right on the cadence. Ninety days is probably just about the right time where you’re, you’re, you’re just kind of worn out from this and that reset a obviously as mental benefits, but from what we’ve seen, it really helps people. People who are plateaued,

I think it’s mental and it’s physiological every bit as much. Yeah. I think you need to put the need to, to shake up the glycogen stores in your body, um, you know, really rattle the cage a little bit and that one day off on that day, go have your donut and don’t worry about it. I didn’t have those bonds the day after that you get right back on the wagon to get good grades.

All right. okay. So what, what, what sound am I supposed to be playing for the. You can occasionally cheat on Keto. You can cheat every 91 days. All right, let’s do that. See, it’s not cheating anymore. A number 21. You can’t eat fruit and veggies on Kido is able. Have you heard anybody tell you that Chris? Like, oh, I’d go and Keto, but I don’t want to give up bacon and eggs. Steak, and we’ll get to the meat one in a minute, but I’ve heard that one a, what do you think of that claim?

Well, I had a whole bowl full of broccoli tonight. That certainly counts as a vegetable. Yeah, I do. I do. Fruits. I do. Um, why try we blueberries and raspberries and you know, you can eat them, but you got to eat in moderation. Right? Anything else you got to look how many carbs are right? It’s not absolutely forbidden under any conditions. No. In fact, there are some fruits that are actually relatively keto friendly. I’m a strawberry or two is not going to hurt you. Um, they’re actually pretty good. Blueberries I think are, are fairly blueberries by the handful baby. Yeah.

Yeah. So as long as you’re really careful when you count these and you know what the, what you’re getting from a carb standpoint. Um, yeah, to find there are definitely some fruits and some veggies that you’re just not going to fit them in, right? You’re not going to eat a banana on a ketogenic diet, um, you’re not going to eat an orange on a ketogenic diet. but there’s plenty of fruits and veggies that you absolutely can eat and shouldn’t be eating. I would, I would qualify to say you get them in. I’m really, really good for you. And that’s not to say that you can’t have a wedge of an orange and it’s not to say you can’t have a couple of slices over their whole thing. Totally agree. Right? Yeah. You want a slice of a banana? Go ahead. Right. Just put it on your planets and we manage. All right. Yeah. All right. so that was fruit and you can’t eat fruit and veggies on Keto,


Definitely can. All right. I like this one. This number 22 is super interesting. A calories don’t matter on a key to genic diet. I have heard this claim from inside the Keto community so many times, um, that as long as you are not eating the carbs, you can eat all the calories you want and still lose weight.

Thank you. Dr Atkins.

Yeah, I think so for this comes from. Yeah. And, and this has now been studied extensively on humans because it was such a widely claimed thing from the Atkins Diet and even to the point where the National Institute of Health, the Nih put people in controlled circumstances for several months and attempted this like just, you know, lots and lots and lots of calories. But, but knew for sure that their carbs, we’re, we’re still kenogenic. Um, they gained weight. It, the, the calories out, the myth of you can eat all the calories you want on Keto and still lose weight as long as you control your carbs. I’m, I’m, I’m

absolutely. That’s absolutely not true.

what about this next one? Keto will cause your cholesterol levels to go up.

Yes. And a note I’m going to, I’m going to just absolutely yes. Um, I would say in almost all cases, people who do Keto for a long period of time see an increase in their cholesterol levels, um, across the board. The question is, does it matter? And that’s where medical science right now is questioning all of the previous findings on cholesterol to even wonder like, is high cholesterol actually dangerous? Um, because there’s a whole new field of research coming out that shows that high cholesterol may only be dangerous if you’re eating a high carb diet. In other words, it’s the combination of the high fat and high sugar that’s actually causing the health problems. But cholesterol as a standalone indicator is not. May Not. I just want to be clear. I’m not a doctor, right? But the studies are starting to show that cholesterol is a standalone indicator, may not be a negative thing at all. Um, and so that’s where I want to be very clear. Does Keto cause your cholesterol to go up? Does it matter? That was good, right? Chris, do you agree with that?

I got a mixed feeling. Your good cholesterol goes up, your bad cholesterol goes down, your total cholesterol count goes up. Which for me, when I went shopping for life insurance was a real negative thing. Raise my insurance rates, went up because I’m doing, you know, longterm Keto. It’ll be awhile before they all. They don’t care. The fact that my good cholesterol is up and my bad cholesterol was down dramatically. It’s just they looked at the total final number.

Yeah. So yes. Um, so we’re on the same page. We’re on the same page. all right, let’s go to the next one here. Um, oh, I love this one. I hear this one so much from outside the Keto community. Since your brain runs on glucose, which is true, your brain does run on glucose. You must eat carbs or you’re starving your brain of the fuel that it, that it needs that. Where does that come from?

Misunderstanding the physiology.

Yeah. No, that’s exactly right. So I’m just going to write up

front. Yeah.

What happens is, yes, your brain does run on glucose. That is absolutely true. In fact, guess what else runs on Glucose? Every muscle in your body. Um, so if you were, if you are not eating, if you were unable to produce glucose, you would be completely unable to move your body around, right? Glucose is required to move your arms, move your legs, to move your heart, to move your lungs. A glucose fuels every moving thing in your body, plus your brain. So you would be unconscious long before you can stop being, you’d be dead, right? Unconscious dust out from the blood sugar. That’s right. That’s right, yes, that’s exactly right. And so if you, if you stop eating carbs, the question I always like to pose to these people is whenever somebody makes this claim, have you have to eat carbs or your brain will starve the question I would like to post to them.

So I don’t eat carbs and I’m still able to move. You’re a Zombie. And Brian, how do you explain that? Right? And they, and they typically do. You said Chris, don’t understand the physiology well enough to answer the question. The answer is very simple. It’s your body is converting fat into glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis. Um, no, not gluconeogenesis. That’s the, that’s the protein to sugar, sugar one. Anyway, your body is converting fat into Glucose and um, it is, basically fueling your muscles and your brain that way. The big mystery in the scientific community right now is not how that works. So we get that. We’ve known that for forever. It’s why does a brain that runs on fat to converted glucose performed superior to a brain that runs on carb fed glucose. As we get further down this, you know, the studies that are being done in mice right now, it’ll be really interesting to see what the results from that art.

But I’m sidetracked now. Okay, let’s move on here. Number 25. We’re going to get through these. I promise there’s a, these are all interesting, I think, but, um, you can safely subtract all fiber and all sugar alcohols from your carb count to get net carbs. Here we go. By the way, that’s the net card rule. If you go to the, the traditional Keto community, they will say you can subtract all fiber and all car, all sugar alcohols. And that’s what net carbs is. That’s how the rule works. The problem with that rule, we did an entire podcast on this, is it’s not true, it’s wrong. It’s a grossly oversimplified, a massively oversimplified, um, set of rules that if you follow it to the tee, a, you’ll find that you really struggle on acute agentic diet, especially if you’re eating a lot of sugar alcohols.

Um, it just, it doesn’t work. You’re just getting a lot of m and little this. Isn’t that the kind of sneaking you got it? Yup. Not all fibers equal. Not all sugar alcoholics are equal and we did a whole podcast on this. If you’re interested in learning more about this and please do. If you’re doing Keto, this is super interesting. Um, there’s a podcast on net carbs where we really went into the nuts and bolts on this. So go take a look at that one, a number 26. The Myth is you can’t exercise on Kido. Melanie, I will let you describe your exercise routine on condos and then I’ll play the sound. Go ahead. My exercise routine and Keto didn’t change at all. However, my performance did significantly,

significantly. My first. We’re slower. Um, it felt like I needed a little more giddy up to get going. It was harder, right? It was about the best way to describe it. It was harder, harder but manageable and it got better over time. Never, never got back to my, um, pre ketogenic diet. I’m pace for my running. No. In fact it was funny because your pace suffered massively. First three are running, right? I mean, you went way down and so did your performance on a, on a bike, power output when way down, um, at first and over the course of a few, probably four to six weeks, probably the numbers kind of slowly ramped back up, but they never really got back, right? Just off 10 percent to 10 percent. Yep. That’s what I saw. Fit. Not enough that it would drive the average person crazy, but not a competitive person.

It drives them nuts. You’re not a competitive athlete who cares? Right? But if you know what your numbers are, yeah. the interesting thing as well was what happened right after you ate carbs? Oh my goodness. I returned instantly. Instantly, all the payments was back. It felt like I had just had a caffeine shot. Right? Just that first. It was so cool when you came back at your numbers. I was like, wow, you’re back. How about that? A holy serially ahead. It was amazing. So yeah, I didn’t, I didn’t suffer because of, because of my timeline. Keto. So the idea that you can’t exercise while eating a diet, Chris, you exercise 90 to 100 minutes most mornings. Yeah, a lot. So can you exercise on a Ketogenic Diet? Yes. I’m sorry. That myth is busted. You absolutely can. And you probably should. So many health benefits from exercising.

We don’t need to get into that here. But um, yeah. You, you should be exercising. Um. Oh, I love this one. Oh, here. This one so much. When people hear Keto, you ready? Hey Brian. I heard of all this stuff about Keto. I don’t think I could ever do that because being on the Keto diet means you have to eat tons of meat so much. You were actually a little nervous about this. Melanie is. I was at first I was. Melanie was a little nervous about this. I’m not a, not a big meat eater and I didn’t realize that. Glycolysis. Thank you. Carry on. Thank you. Yes, go ahead. I was going to come out sooner or later. Um, tons of me. Yes. I, you know, I didn’t realize that the protein that I needed, I could get all the protein I needed from like two, four ounce chicken breast. Right. Really,

that’s not a lot of meetings. That’s a chicken sandwich for lunch and some cubed chicken on a, on a, you know, a salad for dinner and you know, maybe a yogurt in the morning and that’s, you know, you can get your protein from so many other sources besides chowing down on meat you’re not, you don’t need. How much red meat did you eat during that time? Zero. Every once in awhile I would have a steak maybe once every six weeks maybe. Maybe, but no, for the most part I was getting my protein from, you know, a protein shake and eggs and chicken and Turkey, Turkey, lots of Ho. And I love Taco salads with like ground Turkey for the Taco meat and it wasn’t a problem to get to get that protein in. Yeah. I wasn’t eating melons of bacon and eggs cooked in butter for breakfast and it wasn’t this gut bomb, Denny’s breakfast for three meals a day like people assume

and so people like to eat that way and that’s fine. You can, you can, you can fit that in and it’s fine and it works with Keto and that’s why a lot of guys like it is because, you know, guy food tends to fit well. That is so not your style though, right? You were very sort of clean eater.

Right. I want to get up and go kind of food. I don’t want sludge.

And I was, I was, I was just, I was so impressed as you were doing this that you were doing a Keto diet that was very clean and fresh and you know, it just didn’t have that heavy component.

Right. The kids love it when I’m so much better.

Yeah, I would agree with that. so this idea that being on Keto means you have to eat a ton of meat, not even on Karbachs Keto where the protein requirement is much higher. Um, it’s just not true. It’s just not true. Protein shakes are really the answer to a lot of that, but yeah, other than that, you know, who doesn’t love a chicken breast every now and then, or a chicken or a chicken wrap or something like that. Slice Turkey. All right, here we go. Number Twenty eight. It makes no difference what kind of fat you eat when you’re on Kido. Chris, I’m gonna let you take this one which will tell me what. Tell me what does fat is not all equal? There are good fats and bad fats. Yeah, no, for sure. And, and so, all of the, most, the, the advice out there on, on the good fats and bad fats, pay close attention to that because you can absolutely load up on the bad fats. Think you’re doing Keto and cause problems in other areas, right? Yeah. A number 29 Keto sticks. Those little pee test will tell you if you are in Ketosis. Here we go. You ready for the result?


go ahead Chris. Give us the quick answer on this one. It works in the beginning of your Keto journey right after you’ve been into Keto for several weeks or a month. Typically the indication on the strips is no longer accurate. Do you need to go get an actual ketone blood test if you really want to know, or a a, a, a blood tester?

Yeah. So let’s do the next one. A ketone blood test will tell you if you are in Ketosis, you’re ready for my answer on this one? Yeah, you did. Actually, one of the things that we’ve learned by looking at other, because the concept of, of a ketone blood test is actually relatively new. I’m just in the last couple of years, this has now become something that’s actually, I’m going to use the word affordable in a very loose sense. I’m at dollar a test. there are people out there now who are measuring their blood ketones and multiple times a day and they’re finding that they’re getting very, very, very different readings throughout the day when they first wake up. They’re finding that the level is very, very low. after exercise it’s very high. After eating it tends to be high. After fasting it tends to go back low again. And so just measuring your blood ketone level at a random time during the day. I don’t know what to tell you. You could be way off, right? And the secret is measure a lot so that you understand where those dips and valleys are used so that you know when the optimal time to check for blood ketones is. So we’ll a blood ketone test tell you if you’re in ketosis. Yes, with the qualification of a, it really depends on what time of day you’re using it. You could get a false negative. Agree with that.

Say the Keto community in general is moving towards the breathalyzer though. Yes, agree with that. And we’ve seen tremendous development in the breathalyzers. They’re so much more affordable and they’re still going to cost you, you know, 100 bucks, 200 bucks, but you can use it five, 10 times a day. There’s no additional cost. Now what you bought the breathalyzer, you own it. No dollar per day after day, week after week, you will start to see the trends. Um, and that can be some good positive feedback if that’s something you’re interested in.

Good. Next one. Egg a. A glucose meter will tell you if you are in Ketosis.


that’s not the purpose of a glucose meter. Everybody doing a ketogenic diet probably ought to own a glucose meter, but oh my gosh. But the point of the glucose meter is to help you identify the impact of food on your body. And it is not meant to tell you whether or not you’re in ketosis. There are two very, very different things. We did an entire podcast on using a blood glucose meter. Go listen to that one. Um, I think you’ll find it really interesting. Number 32 bad breath will tell you if you’re in ketosis. My answer to that, not for everybody, right? Not always everybody. Yeah. For a lot of people, that’s why I say, yeah, if you have really, really, really bad breath, there’s a very distinct flavor to this breath. You are definitely in Ketosis. That is Keto breath, no mistake about it. But if you burns your spouse, hey, it’s bad, but just my wife, just because you don’t have bad breath doesn’t mean you’re not in Ketosis if you have it, you are. If you don’t know, it means nothing. Right? Alright. And the final one, number 33. Keto works better than all other diets for losing weight.

Unbiased. But I’ll say hell yes.

All right. Um, I would love to hear the reaction from the chat room on this one. Um,

the bigger you are, the more effective the Keto diet is. How about that? I wouldn’t get, I’ll give you that. Yeah, I think it’d be that when we have our 300, 400, 500 pounders Keto. Absolutely rules. Yeah. I would give you that as you get more and more fit, you have more and more opportunity to, to look at macrophages to been every bit as effective.

Yeah. It’s interesting because our, what our data shows. If you look purely at our data, our data, how the claimant, the claim is the key to junk diet is better than every other day at losing weight. I’m just going to go. No. I would say macro fit as a from a data point perspective is every bit as good as any key to genic diet out there. However, with qualifications, it really depends on you, right? It depends on your personal eating preferences. It depends on your type of exercise and workouts that you’d like to do. It depends on how big you are, right, how much weight you need to lose. It depends on so many factors. And for a large portion of people out there, I can’t think of a better way to lose weight for other people out there. I would probably look at it and go, you know, maybe there’s something different that you ought to try a I’m in.

No, this is me though. I mean I lost. I Bet I’ve done both approaches with a huge amount of success. Right. And so I just don’t believe in the, in the one camp for everybody will and the whole point of way to causes that. I believe that everybody’s perfect formula for, for optimized, perfect individual weight loss is very, very different. Right. So is it the best? Maybe for some people it is, but, but, but certainly not for everybody, right? I’m Andy says is key to effective even when you’re 180 pounds, I’m one of those 10 pounds or it would be better and it really depends on the factors that I said before. I’m Ken. Keto, help you lose just 10 pounds. Oh yes. Big Time. In fact, I would say get on it, lose 15 pounds because when you get off of it, you’re gonna, you’re gonna gain a little bit back.

So you’ve got to get over, shoot on that. You’re going to love it because you’re going to start it and you’re going to go, oh my gosh, I lost six pounds. I’m, oh, I’m almost to my goal. And then when you go off of it, of course it, you know, that initial weight comes right back. Um, but you’re, it comes back to the same things I said before. It depends on your personal eating preferences. It depends on your, exercise, workload and some other things like that. But, but can I help you lose just 10 pounds? Oh yeah, absolutely. And in fact, I would say give it a shot because I’m, it, it, you may find that it’s a very quick, easy way to get those 10 pounds off. So.

All right. We made it through the list. We did. We only had, I think we only had one question that, that we missed. Um, andy asked

about his wife going on Kido and his wife is expecting. No.

Okay. That’s an easy one. Um, doctors are adamant that if you are pregnant you should not do Keto. Um, and that’s not a myth. That’s not a something from outside the community. it is. Um, there is some early science show and I want to stress early science. This may get disproven at some point that, it could be harmful. We don’t necessarily know why. We don’t know all the details. We don’t know. We don’t know. We don’t know. But when it comes to, you know, your future baby, I wouldn’t take any chances. It’s just not worth it. I, based on what we know, don’t do it.

Let, I think. I think that was it. Did I miss any other questions? If I did shoot him out one more time.

Yeah. This is your chance and carry on. You’re right. This was such a great podcast. No, listen, I really appreciate you guys in the, um, in the chat room here. It, it sure helps to know that, you know, get getting your feedback in real time makes such a big difference. So thank you. and if you have ideas for future podcasts, please let us know. Um, Carrie Ann says when is the next one? And the answer is whenever I feel like it. Gosh, Brian. Yeah,

we forgot to put a plug in for the new forms.

Oh yeah. Thanks. Um, we just launched our new forums. Thanks Chris. We are moving away from the facebook group for, you know, general discussion. Facebook group will always be around, will continue to do facebook live for this stuff. But the, the general q and a general chatter, stuff like that is all moving into the weightings forums, the way you get there. You go to [inaudible] dot com, you log in and then on the bottom there’s a tab for community. Touch that. And we’re all in there, there’s lots of reasons for the move. Um, go ahead, Chris.

Were you going to say, and it has nothing to do with what’s going on with facebook politically, we’re moving to the forums because it’s easier for you to find the information you’re looking for when we file a thread, what we call it, a discussion on the forums. You can go back and find it when we do it on facebook, it just tends to vanish into the ether.

Yeah. And it’s sad because somebody will post like an amazing recipe or something like that. And then, um, you know, it’s gone to find it. Yeah. Or you know, people who didn’t log into facebook that day, never see it. Right? It just gets buried. Um, so this is a, is a much better way for us to organize answers to questions. I don’t, I no longer feel like I’m answering the same question 10,000 times in a row, um, because, you know, you can go back and read the conversations that have taken place. It’s better organized, et Cetera, et cetera. So jump in there and say hi. Um, it’s a, it’s actually going to be a really valuable tool for the community. Thank you.

A ton of work on it, guys. There’s a lot more features and a lot more upgrades coming. Be patient with us. Allow us to keep developing and we’re going to build an amazing, amazing place for you.

Yeah, thanks everybody. Have a great night.