Why New Years Resolutions Rarely Change Anything

New Years resolutions are great—but they have a fatal flaw. Most people assume that change comes as one big decision: “I will lose weight!” But that’s not how change actually works. Not even close!

Change is not the result of one big decision, it’s the result of thousands of small ones. Hundreds of decisions every day where, in the past, you’ve simply gone for the “easy” choice without giving it a second thought. Change comes because you’re going to pause on those decisions and make the RIGHT choice, instead of the easy one.

“Suzie brought cupcakes for her birthday at the office today. Would you like one?” has an easy choice, and a right choice.

And every time you make the right decision instead of the easy one, you are pushing yourself towards your goal. In fact, without winning the majority of those “decision-battles,” nothing will change, no matter how bad you want it or how motivated you feel.

Focus on keeping resolutions to make the right choice instead of the easy choice every minute of every day. Slowly but surely not only will change happen, but the battles become easier to win. The right choice will eventually become the “easy” choice. That is how the war is ultimately won and how you change.

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