Let’s Talk Gear

The Essential Gear

I’ve bought a lot of fitness-related gear during my journey. Most aren’t worth the money and are glorified gimmicks at best.  I have a few, however, that I couldn’t live without.

MyFitnessPal Premium

Upgrade to MyFitnessPal Premium. It has much better macro tracking than the free version.

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Digital Food Scale

When you’re doing IIFYM, you need to know EXACT quantities of food you’re putting in your body (because you have to log it all). Knowing how much food you’re eating (by weighing it) means you’re going to stay honest about your calorie intake. I find that if I don’t weigh my food, I overeat. A lot. Get a good, digital food scale. (They are like $10).

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Bathroom Scale

Get a really good bathroom scale. This is optional, but I’m such a numbers/data guy that I’ve really enjoyed having a scale that automatically records and logs my weight and my body-fat percentage each morning. I can go back through the entire history of my weight-loss and see everything on a graph. There are also no guessing games about my progress.  I really like the Fitbit Aria scale.

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A Fitness Tracker

Get something that will hold you accountable for how active you are each day. You wear it around your wrist and it tracks how much you move each day. You’ll find that it’s actually really motivating.  Fitbit has some great devices in this category, but the Apple Watch is actually the best fitness tracker on the market (by far) But at $350, it also costs about $100 more than a normal, high-end fitness tracker.

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