Macro Counting Will Optimize Any Diet

People often like to compare IIFYM (which has been used by bodybuilders for decades) to other popular styles of eating and weight loss (paleo, low-carb, etc.). What people don’t realize about IIFYM is that you can actually incorporate any and all of those eating styles into the IIFYM system.

If paleo is your thing, keep doing it, but use IIFYM to help you get the most out of it.

If low-carb is your thing, do it. But use IIFYM to help you optimize your nutrient ratios and lose weight faster.

The most common response I get by far is, “I’m allergic to gluten/soy/dairy/nuts/etc, so I can’t do it.” Nothing could be further from the truth. With IIFYM you can literally eat anything. Take the foods you love and the foods you can eat, and incorporate them into the program; you will lose weight.

Remember, the core principle behind IIFYM is something you’re already familiar with: if you eat fewer calories than your body requires, you’re going to lose weight. No magic tricks. This is the same core principle incorporated in paleo, Atkins, keto, etc. The only difference is that, in addition to counting your calories, you’re going to strictly control your ratios of carbs, fats, and proteins. (And, depending on your diet, you will adjust those ratios to match).

The point is that IIFYM isn’t a replacement for other diets. It’s a way to eat whatever you eat more efficiently. You can eat paleo and do IIFYM; you can eat gluten-free and do IIFYM. Lor-Carb? Do IIFYM. Gluten-free? Do IIFYM. Even if you’re vegan you can do IIFYM. You’ll find that by incorporating the IIFYM principles into your eating style, your body responds with efficiency, energy, and fat burning like you’ve never seen it before.

IIFYM is often referred to as Flexible Dieting because it’s just that, it’s extremely flexible. Bodybuilders love it because they can incorporate both weight-loss and muscle building into an IIFYM program, just by adjusting their ratios and calories to match their needs. Vegetarians, vegans, and even non-gluten eaters love it. IIFYM gives them a simple way to ensure their body gets the nutrients it needs, despite cutting out large food groups.

I will be doing this for the rest of my life because it holds me accountable for what I eat. It still allows me to occasionally work in the things that I love. I’ve enjoyed eating “at maintenance” (not trying to gain weight or lose weight) over the last week or so. And by incorporating the IIFYM principles, I’ve learned that my “real-life eating” (i.e. not dieting) is going to be awesome. I can eat whatever I want. I just use IIFYM to keep my portions in check. It helps me make sure I’m not overloading on fat, carbs, or protein (don’t wanna get fat!)

It’s ridiculously simple, but the returns are pretty incredible.