How to prioritize your macro numbers for a perfect day

When planning your meals, the goal is to plan your day of eating in advance and aim for perfection with your macro numbers.  But since it’s generally not possible to “zero out” all of your macros (hit each of them perfectly).. How close is “good enough”?

If you’re going for a “perfect day” in the context of meal planning, here’s your list of priorities:

If you are doing CarbX (Ketogenic diet), in order of importance:

  1. Do not exceed your carb goal, by even 1g… Coming in way under is fine.
  2. Calories should be +/- 50
  3. Protein should be +/- 10g
  4. Fat should be +/- 5g

If you are doing MacroFit (the more traditional diet), in order of importance:

  1. Calories should be +/- 50
  2. Protein should be +/- 10
  3. Carbs should be +/- 10
  4. Fat should be +/- 5

Not sure what foods to include in order to fill in your meal-planning gaps? This chart should be helpful: