How to do Your Own Meal Planning

Confused about meal planning? There are tons of resources available to you that will get you started in a hurry—and I’ve linked them all here!

One of the key tenants of Weightix is that we don’t provide you with pre-built “ready to go” meal plans. This seems to cause some heart-burn for people who just want to be told what to do. I get it.

If you sign up for a weight-loss program that hands you a pre-built meal plan, there are several immediate red flags you should be aware of.

It’s not yours.

Someone else choosing what you eat isn’t a recipe for long-term sustainability. You’ll miss the foods you actually want to eat. Everyone has their own unique tastes. You’ll stick to the plan for a few weeks, and eventually get bored of the plans you were provided.

It’s not ideal.

This approach is customized to YOU.  Your plan is a perfect match for your metabolism, your body, and your goals. That means the food you eat also needs to be a perfect match. Any diet plan that’s providing “pre-built” meal plans is trying to give you a “one size fits all” solution. You’ll lose weight—but it’s not really optimized.

It’s not sustainable.

Meal planning is something that the gimmick diets try to simplify for you because they want to keep you on their program. Once you know how to plan your own meals, you no longer need them, and they know it. We want you to learn how to plan your own meals because we want you to have long-term success. We want you to understand how it works, and why it works so that you can eat foods you love, still lose weight, and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

For those reasons, no, meal plans are not provided in Weightix. But, we provide endless resources and training on how to plan meals on your own.

I know how tough the learning curve is around meal planning. I hope you recognize that it’s a short-term problem. You really do get good at it. But, here’s the best part, once you plan your first day of meals around YOUR plan, you’ve got a day of healthy eating that is customized to you. Your body type, your metabolism, and your goals were considered and catered to every step of the way. It’s your meal plan, and it’s perfect for you. 

This really does separate the weightix approach from all others, and it’s why it works so well. Your plan is different from everyone else’s. It’s yours. When you stick to it and learn to plan meals around it, it’s like lighting a fat-burn fire. You will lose weight, and you won’t be hungry. It’s awesome!

If you’re frustrated with meal planning, HANG IN THERE! It gets easier.. Think of it like a puzzle game, at first. Use the group for help and ideas!

Here are some resources you can use to get a little help with knowing what to eat:
  1. How to plan meals (the basics): A short 5-minute intro video. Start here.
  2. Podcast on how to use MyFitnessPal: Goes into extreme detail on meal planning,well worth the time to watch/listen.
  3. A really cool chart you can print out (and hang on the fridge): that’ll show you what foods fit into what areas
  4. A typical grocery shopping list
  5. Wondering how the heck you can eat all that protein?
  6. Need some suggestions on what protein shakes to buy?
  7. Need ideas on how to make the protein shakes taste yummier?
  8. A GREAT tool that will let you convert recipe cards to nutrition labels, so you can get exact numbers from things you cook.
  9. You can also see what everyone else is eating, just open the challenge-page on and tap their name. 

And, as always, you can use the Weightix Facebook group to get help and talk to others!