Fruit is Good For You… Right?

It has been pounded into our heads ever since we were little. “Eat your fruits and vegetables!” Fruit is good for you, right?

Well… sort of. Fruit does have a lot of fiber and is high in vitamins and minerals (yay!). But, fruit is also loaded with sugar. Despite what you’ve heard, your body can’t tell the difference between “natural” sugar and “added” sugar.

So, you claiming fruits are good for me because it has fiber, vitamins, and minerals” is a little like me saying that chocolate cake is good for you because it has eggs. Who are we kidding, really?

My experience is that fruit is GREAT for people who are on maintenance. That is why you often hear fit/healthy people talk about it so much. But, for those trying to burn fat, fruit tends to block or even slow weight loss. If you are in weight loss mode, I’d avoid it completely. Get your vitamins, minerals, and fiber from vegetables instead.

If you do eat fruit, pair it with a heavy dose of protein to minimize the insulin reaction that it produces. But note that there are some exceptions. For example, strawberries and blueberries are actually pretty low on sugar. In limited quantity, those are actually not too bad. But, I would absolutely, 100% avoid fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas while trying to lose weight. You just cannot afford the sugar.

And of course, for those doing Keto, fruit is pretty much a no-go. Too many carbs. Again, focus on those veggies to get all the nutrients your body desperately needs!