Frequently Asked Questions From People Getting Started

1) I’m BRAND NEW to all of this. Where should I start?

This FAQ is a great place to start, but honestly, the Podcasts may be your best source of information in the beginning. Here are the episodes you should start with:

  1. Weightix Challenges Podcast: This episode is a good intro to the weightix system and how our challenges work; it is well worth the listen.
  2. CarbX 101 Podcast: If you’re not sure which plan to pick or you already picked CarbX, this is the podcast for you!
  3. MacroFit 101 Podcast: If you’re not sure which plan to pick, or you already picked MacroFit, this is the podcast for you!
  4. Protein: The magical weight-loss macro Podcast: we get into the details on howto get all your protein in and why this is the golden-ticket to weight loss.
  5. What causes people to succeed? Podcast:  We analyzed the data and discussed the 7 habits of highly-effective (weight) losers in this episode.

2) Can I drink Crystal light/diet soda/flavored water instead of plain water?

Short answer: Yes. But you’ll want to read this article to get a little more information on the pros and cons before you dive in.

3) I don’t seem to have enough carbs to eat veggies! Help!

If you’re doing MacroFit, this shouldn’t be a problem as your eating plan is designed to accommodate a reasonable amount of healthy carbs. If you’re doing CarbX (Keto) however, you may find that vegetables are hard to fit if you’re not properly accounting for your carbs.

See the next question for more info.

4) What are “net carbs”? Am I supposed to be counting my carbs as “net carbs” ?

If you’re doing the CarbX (Keto) approach to weight loss, you should be counting NET carbs (not regular carbs). This basically means that carbs from fiber don’t count toward your goals. This means thing like broccoli (which are loaded with fiber AND carbs) should fit great in your meal plan. Check out this article on the difference between “Net Carbs” vs. “Total Carbs” to understand better how this works.

Note that on the MacroFit (traditional) approach, all carbs count.

5) How do I make MyFitnessPal handle Net Carbs?

We get into a lot of detail about how to manage MyFitnessPal and make it do some amazing things (including how to handle Net Carbs, how to share recipes, and how to do meal planning), in THIS podcast. You can watch the video version of it here if you’re a member of the Weightix Facebook group.

The short answer, however, is that MyFitnessPal doesn’t understand how to subtract fiber from carbs to give you “net carbs”. So you have three choices:

  1. Do the math yourself (in your head).
  2. Enter your own nutrition information for the foods you eat so that the carb-number is NET carbs instead of TOTAL carbs
  3. Find an item in the nutrition database where someone has ALREADY done it for you.  (e.g. instead of searching for “broccoli” you would search for “broccoli net carbs”).  You’ll find 99.9% of foods have a “net carb” version already in the database.

6) What are the best snacks?

My personal favorites for KETO (CarbX) are vegetables, pepperoni, cheese, and beef jerky.

For MacroFit, I like low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat string cheese, greek yogurt, and a whole collection of sugar-free delicious treats.

Check out my “shopping list” for ideas! You’ll also have a lot of success googling terms like “keto snacks” (for CarbX), and “IIFYM snacks” (For MacroFit).

7) What kinds of foods should I be eating?

Check out this article for a typical list of groceries, and this article for a handy food-chart that you can print out and hang on your fridge for quick ideas! There’s also a really nice roundup on resources you can use for meal planning here.

8) What is the difference between CarbX and MacroFit? Which one will help me lose weight faster?

At the end of the day, if you follow the protocol perfectly, they’re BOTH designed to help you lose roughly 2lbs per week. For more information on the pros and cons between the two approaches, this article will help!

High-level summary: CarbX is great for people who don’t want to exercise and people who love protein/fat (like fast food). However, for all intents and purposes, ALL carbs are off limits, which means you get pretty creative with meal planning. However, most people, once they get used to understanding what foods they can and can’t eat, report that they love the eating style and many choose to stay on this plan forever.

MacroFit (a more traditional approach) DOES allow some healthy carbs (not many, it’s still considered a ‘low calorie’ diet by modern standards).  But the great thing about this approach is that absolutely NO foods are off limits!

You can “spend” your carbs on anything you’re willing to ‘save up for’.  Most people report that this style of eating is a good fit for an active lifestyle.

At the end of the day, BOTH approaches work great, but they work in very different ways.

9) What do I do if I get sick?

Take it easy. Listen to your body to know what to eat. Stick to healthy foods. Protein will help your body heal faster. (This is where protein shakes come in really handy). But if you don’t feel like eating, don’t.

10) I have a recipe. How can I get the nutrition information?

There’s a really great tool online you can use where you enter a recipe, and it’ll create a nutrition label for you to print out and stick to the back of your recipe card! I wrote an article on the tool, here.

11) What’s the best protein shake?

I wrote up a list of my favorites. (And trust me, I’ve tried them all!). All of the ones on my list are safe for CarbX and MacroFit plans, and they all taste great!

If you’re still having a hard time finding one you like, you might want to check out my list of ways to make them taste a little better.

12) I just added <food> to MyFitnessPal and it says it has ___ macros… that doesn’t sound right.

We talk about that in the video/podcast mentioned above.  But the short answer is that the database of foods in MyFitnessPal was entered by other people, and they don’t always get it right.  ALWAYS cross-check your nutrition information with Google to make sure it’s right. You can also look for foods in MyFitnessPal that have a green shield next to them. Those have been confirmed by the MyFitnessPal staff as being correct.

Shorter answer?  It’s entirely possible the nutrition information you’re looking at in MFP is wrong. Don’t trust it.

13) I finished my meal plan for the day, and my macros are perfect, but I still have lots of calories (or vice versa). How do I fix it?

This is actually not as bad as you think. You’re probably planning perfect days!

In a PERFECT WORLD… 1g carb = 4 calories… 1g protein = 4 calories…. and 1g fat = 9 calories. If your macros and planning are perfect, it should ALWAYS add up EXACTLY to the right number of calories.

Except when it doesn’t. This is caused by any of the following:

1) A food entry in MFP is just plain wrong. (If you’re off by more than 50 to 100 calories, this is VERY likely. Then it is time to go through EACH entry in your MFP food log and find a food item that doesn’t match the formula I gave you above).

2). You’re doing net-carbs, in which case, well, it’ll never quite add up because you’ll be eating some carbs (from fiber) that you aren’t counting even though they have calories… Oh well.

3) You’ve got an ACTUAL food nutrition label that’s wrong… SOMETIMES food manufacturers do this because they’ll subtract the calories from a sugar-alcohol or something (like Allulose). Again, there’s not much you can do here.

My view? If your macros are lining up perfectly.. it’s a win. Ignore the calories.

14) How do I find recipes?

MacroFit people use search terms like: ‘iifym recipes’ or ‘iifym snacks’ on google and pinterest. is an awesome resource for recipes, too: they list all of the macro numbers for everything.

CarbX people: Use search terms like ‘keto recipes’ or ‘keto snacks’ on google and pinterest.

I also really like and for meal-planning and recipe ideas.

15) Where are my meal plans? How come you don’t provide meal plans for me?

If you sign up for a weight loss program that hands you a pre-built meal plan, there are several immediate red flags you should be aware of.

  1. Someone else choosing what you eat isn’t a recipe for long-term sustainability. You’ll miss the foods YOU want to eat. Everyone has their own unique tastes.  You’ll stick to the plan for a few weeks, and eventually get bored of the plans you were provided and cave.
  2. This approach is customized to YOU. Your plan is a perfect match for your metabolism, your body, and your goals.  That means the food you eat also needs to be a perfect match.  Any diet plan that’s providing “pre-built” meal plans is trying to give you a “one size fits all” solution.  You’ll lose weight, but it’s not really optimized.
  3. Meal planning is something that the gimmick diets try to simplify for you because they want to keep you on their program. Once you know how to plan your own meals, you no longer need them, and they know it. We want YOU to learn how to plan your OWN meals because we want you to have long-term success. We want you to understand how it works, and WHY it works, so that you can eat foods YOU love and still lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
For those reasons, no. Meal plans are not provided. But, we provide endless resources and training on how to plan meals on your own.

I know how tough the learning curve is around meal planning.. I hope you recognize that it’s a short-term problem. You really do get good at it. But here’s the best part: once you plan your first day of meals around your plan, you’ve got a day of healthy eating that is customized to you. You plan will be perfect for your body type, your metabolism, and your goals. It’s your meal plan.

This really does separate the weightix approach from all others, and it’s why it works so well. Your plan is different from everyone else’s. It’s yours, and when you stick to it, and learn to plan meals around it, it’s like lighting a fat-burn fire. You will lose weight, and you won’t be hungry. It’s awesome!

If you’re frustrated with meal planning, hang in there! It gets easier. Think of it like a game, at first and use the group for help and ideas.

16) How do I know if I’m CarbX or MacroFit?

It’s at the very top of your plan that Weightix built for you.

  • Login to your account @
  • Touch the “Plan” button at the bottom
  • Your details should be there, including what plan you’re on.

17) How do I change to a different plan?

  • Login to your account @
  • Touch the “Plan” button at the bottom
  • Scroll to the very bottom and choose “re-calculate plan”.

18) Is it better to get my macros right on, or my calories? Which macro is most important to hit?

This article should help, in the event that you have to choose one over another.

19) How do I connect my Weightix account and my MyFitnessPal account so they talk to each other?

In order to successfully use Weightix, you need TWO separate accounts. One is a Weightix account, which you can get from This is where we’ll generate a nutrition plan for you.

The second is an account from (We are unaffiliated with MyFitnessPal). You’ll want to use their mobile app to do your meal planning and tracking.

You can connect your MyFitnessPal account to your weightix account here.

20) I can’t possibly eat all this food. Does it matter if I come in short on my calories?

Yes. You should be trying to hit your calorie goal every day. (Coming in consistently short on your calorie number will actually cause your weight loss to stall). You can learn more about how to prioritize your day, here.

In general, however, if you feel like it’s “just too much food”, the best thing to do is spread your food out more (eat more, but smaller meals), and drink more of your calories. (Use protein shakes, instead of meat, for example).

21) I’m trying to stick to my plan, but I’m hungry a lot. Help!

Start with the “Hunger Checklist.” There are lots of great ideas there!

22) Whenever I exercise, MyFitnessPal gives me more calories to eat. Should I be “eating my exercise”?

NO!!! Don’t eat your exercise-calories!!!  Your Weightix plan was built with exercise already factored in. If you eat your exercise, you won’t lose weight.

There are two solutions to this problem:

  1. If you’ve purchased the premium version of MyFitnessPal, you can turn off this feature by going to “More”, “Goals”, then “Exercise Calories”, and turning them to OFF.
  2. If you’re using the FREE version of MyFitnessPal, you should still log your exercise, but log it as “1 calorie” (still log the total number of minutes that you did).  This way when MyFitnessPal “gives back” your exercise calories, it doesn’t really impact your overall meal planning.

The only exception to this rule would be for endurance athletes who may have a particular day where they burn more than about 1,200 calories.  In these instances, I generally find the best practice is to eat back about HALF of the calories. (So if your daily goal is 1,500 calories, and you do a half-marathon that burns 2,000 calories,  I would add an additional 1,000 calories to your day, for a total of 2,500).  Again, this only applies to the occasional mega-workout (like running a marathon).

23) How does the Weightix report-card system work?

During the first challenge we did, I constantly had people saying “I’m not losing any weight, what’s wrong?” So, I’d open up their plan, and then I’d open up their food logs and their exercise logs and start pouring over them to try and find the source of the problem. About 9 times out of 10, the issue was that they weren’t sticking to their plan in some way: too many carbs, not enough carbs; not eating enough calories, not getting enough protein; not keeping the exercise commitment their plan was built around, etc. But, honestly, I was spending 30 to 45 minutes with a single person just to figure out exactly what to tell them.

The name of the game with Weightix is precision. If you can dial in these ratios exactly, you optimize your body for fat-burn. It really works, but you really do have to maintain a fair level of exactness to make it work.

In fact, this is exactly what a real weight loss coach does if you hire them. You pay them several hundred dollars a month, and they watch what you’re doing and help keep you on track.

I decided there had to be a better way to let people know if they were doing things right or not (without needing a human coach to look into everything). So, I came up with the grading system for Weightix.

Weightix watches your workouts and everything you’re eating.

It downloads the data from MyFitnessPal and it compares that data to your actual plan. Them, it gives you a ‘score’ based on how closely you’re sticking to your plan. With that data, we can instantly diagnose most weight loss problems (e.g. “Your score on protein is a C-: eat more protein and the weight loss will probably resume”). This is actually partly what our AI trainer (Rachel) does. But even better, with the report card, people can SELF-diagnose. They see their grade, and for MANY people it’s strong motivation to do better.

Worth noting: the score is based on your efforts for the previous 7 days. So, if you just started, wait at least 7 days before putting too much emphasis on your score.

24) How do I invite a friend to Weightix?

You can send them an invitation!

  • Login to your account @
  • Touch the “More” button at the bottom
  • Touch “Invitations”
  • Enter their email address.

They’ll receive an email with instructions and a private-code they can use to join.

25) I need ideas on what to eat. Is there a way to see what other people on my plan are eating?

Yes! You can see what ANY of the Weightix people are eating, if they’re in one of our challenges!

  • Login to your account @
  • Touch the “More” button at the bottom
  • Touch “Challenges”
  • Touch ANY of the active challenges
  • Touch ANY person’s name to see their food diary

26) I like to fast once a month. Is this ok? How do I do it?

No problem! Fasting is actually really beneficial. Once a month is fine. Once a week is fine — and some people even choose to do it every day (eating only one meal per day). Check out this article for more information on “intermittent fasting” to learn how it’s done.

27) The protein shakes/protein bars are making me sick, nauseous, or bloated. What should I do?

You are probably lactose intolerant. Stick to high-quality protein supplements that are also lactose-free. Check out my list of recommended protein shakes, and focus on JUST the ones that are lactose free.

28) I just started this diet and I don’t feel well. What’s wrong?

You may be a victim of the “low carb flu” especially if you were a big sugar-eater before. Learn more about the low-carb flu in this article.

29) Can I have cheat meals?

Absolutely! Cheat meals are an important part of long-term weight loss success, in fact, you can learn more about how to PROPERLY incorporate a cheat meal into your plan in this article.

30) How do I see the status / progress of everyone in the challenge?

The status/progress of everyone in the plan is updated every hour, on the hour. But, most people choose to weigh-in each Monday, so you won’t see a lot of movement in the chart until then.

To see the current leaderboard:

  • Login to your account @
  • Touch the “More” button at the bottom
  • Touch “Challenges”
  • Touch ANY of the active challenges

31) I have a slow metabolism. How do I fix it?

I talk about the problems of a slow metabolism in this article, and give some great advice on how to solve it.  You might also be interested in this article on how and why exercise can help with metabolism issues.

32) I don’t want to exercise. Does that matter?

Honestly? In the beginning, it doesn’t matter that much. You can lose a LOT of weight before any exercise is required, or really matters. But there ARE some benefits to exercise that you might not have thought of, which I talk about here.  (For example, exercise, over time, will turbo-charge your metabolism.  It also eliminates hunger and food cravings!)

(For real… Read that article before deciding exercise isn’t for you!)

33) How often do I need to weigh in?

This is a personal decision. If you’re part of a challenge, the “official” weigh-in days are Mondays. (And yes, it’s fine if you miss one, or you have to weigh in late or something).

But the subject of whether you should weigh-in once a week, or every day, is worth consideration. Check out this article to learn more about the pros and cons.

34) I travel a lot and/or eat out a lot. Can I still do this?

Of course!! We have lots of resources to help you:

  1. We have a pre-built list of healthy meal choices at chain restaurants,
  2. We have a pre-built list of healthy meal choices at fast-food restaurants.
  3. We have this article that talks about how to incorporate restaurant eating into your plan.
  4. We also did a REALLY in-depth podcast on the topic of eating at restaurants.

35) I can’t seem to eat all this protein! Help!

This article has some really great information on that topic, including a whole section on how to reach your protein goals without “eating a lot of meat”

We also did a podcast on this topic that’s worth listening to.

36) Do I have to exercise if I want to lose weight?

My favorite saying: “What you eat determines how you look with your clothes on. What you do at the gym determines how you look with your clothes off.”

Also, there’s NO QUESTION that working out will accelerate your weight loss (it also allows you to eat more food, which is going to make you a lot more comfortable when you’re trying to lose weight). But, the short answer is no. Working out is not 100% necessary. However, if you’re not doing any exercise, I recommend a ketogenic approach to weight-loss (high fat, high protein, very low carb).

37) What’s better, Cardio or Strength Training?

We really get into the details on the pros and cons in this article. Give it a read!

38) I chose CarbX (Keto). Can I still workout/exercise?

Absolutely! Learn more about the pros and cons of exercise on the keto plan, here.

39) Do I have to track everything I eat?

If you put it in your mouth, track it. You’d be AMAZED how much the “little things” add up. For example, if you’re cooking dinner for the family and you just pop in a little sample of the something or other while you’re cooking, it counts.

Vegetables, fruits, samples, lettuce, ANYTHING that goes into your mouth should be logged where you can see the full effect it has on your plan. Period.

40) I log all my food but I never seem to hit my numbers. What’s wrong?

Don’t think of it as “logging what you eat.” You should be PLANNING what you eat in ADVANCE. Spend each morning, or even the night before, deciding what you’re going to eat. Adjust, re-adjust, and re-jigger your choices and serving sizes until you have a perfect hit on your macros. Think of it like a puzzle!

Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is stick to the plan you outline and you’ll hit your numbers every day, on the dot. Easy!

You can learn a LOT more about meal planning with this list of resources.

41) What foods are off limits?

Nothing is off limits as long as it fits your numbers. However, the healthier your food choices, the more food you’re going to get to eat, the happier you’ll be!

42) How much weight will I lose?

A lot at first (water weight from lowering your carb intake). But ideally, you’ll be able to optimize your weight loss at roughly 2 pounds per week! (You don’t want to lose weight faster than that, anyway!)

43) How long does this diet last?

Maybe you should read this post 😉

44) I’m in one of the challenges. How does the leaderboard work?

The leaderboard is ranked by how much progress each person has made toward their individual goal required for them to complete the challenge.

Remember, this is an INDIVIDUAL challenge. You are not competing against anyone else, just yourself. Progress is how far you are from your personal goal. So if someone needs to lose 30 pounds to complete the challenge, and they’ve lost 3 pounds, then they are at 10 percent progress. Someone who needs to lose 15 pounds to complete the challenge who has lost 5 pounds would be at 33% progress.

Also, at the top of the leader-board, it will indicate how far along you should be in order to be ‘on track’ to complete the challenge in the time-frame allotted.  For example, if we’re 10 days into a 100 day challenge, then you should have lost at least 10% of your required weight in order to be “on track”. Of course, the math in that example is simple. But sometimes it’s not, so we’ve added those numbers to keep it simple, and help you know how you’re doing.

Again, you’re competing ONLY against yourself, the leaderboard is just for fun.

Note that for each person on the leaderboard, you can see how much progress they’ve made towards their goal, and you can see what plan they’re on. If you touch their name, it will also let you see their food logs, so you can get new meal ideas!

45) I logged my workout/food/etc. but it didn’t immediately show up on Weightix

Weightix only syncs with MyFitnessPal once every 24 hours. Give it some time.  Also, the challenge leaderboards and workout leaderboards are refreshed once each night.

46) I can’t get MyFitnessPal and Weightix to sync with one another

Three things you can try:

1) Make sure your MyFitnessPal account works properly.

  • On your computer, go to, and click ‘Log In’
  • Enter the same username and password that you entered into the Weightix settings page
  • If you can’t login, then Weightix can’t either

Note: You shouldn’t use the feature that allows you to login via Facebook.

2) Make sure you don’t have multiple MyFitnessPal accounts (this is more common than you think!)

  • Login to Weightix
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to ‘Configure MyFitnessPal’
  • Note the ‘username’ at the bottom of the screen
  • Now, open MyFitnessPal on your mobile device
  • Go to ‘More’, then ‘Settings’, then ‘Profile’
  • Confirm that the username there matches the username above. (If they don’t match, then you have two different accounts, and Weightix is talking to the ‘other’ one).

3) Kill your MyFitnessPal app on your mobile device and re-start it.

This will force the app to pull fresh data from the MyFitnessPal server. Occasionally this can resolve issues with your ‘plan’ not syncing.