Carbonation Doesn’t Affect Weight Loss—But Soda Does

I get really tired of people saying that carbonation affects weight loss when I can’t find a single shred of evidence to support this.

Let’s be clear, though; soda will inhibit weight loss (that stuff is liquid sugar). Diet soda can also inhibit weight loss if you drink more than about 32 ounces a week. The chemicals in diet-soda are really, really bad for you, and artificial sweeteners can cause cravings, which will sabotage you.

…But the carbonation itself? No way.

Three years ago I was drinking 100 ounces or more of Coke Zero every day and gaining 2-3 pounds a month. The Coke Zero was causing me to crave sugar; I’d drink the diet soda, and then I’d desperately want to eat something sweet. I was able to get off it completely, eventually, and as soon as I did, I stopped gaining weight. Of course, at this point, I had an obesity problem to deal with.

The diet soda itself wasn’t the sole culprit in my weight gain. I was also eating close to 3,500 calories a day, mostly in junk food which wasn’t helping, either.

Anyway, long story short, I switched to carbonated water.

Carbonated water goes by a lot of different names: sparkling water, seltzer water, club soda, and soda water, but it’s all exactly the same thing: water + CO2.

When I finally decided to lose weight, I had dozens of people tell me that carbonated water would make it difficult or impossible to be successful and I should ONLY drink plain water. I did tons of research on this. Since so many people believed it, I wanted to understand the root cause. Net result? There’s not a single shred of medical evidence to show that carbonation has ANY ill-effects whatsoever. Zero. Zip. Nada. It’s completely harmlessnot just for weight loss, but in general. It doesn’t screw up your digestive system, inhibit weight loss, hurt your kidneys, or do anything other than make otherwise boring beverages taste magically delicious!

So that’s mostly what I drink now. Over 100 ounces a day of pure, clean, cold soda water! And I’ll have words with anyone who says you can’t lose weight when you drink carbonated beverages. I’ve lost almost 100 pounds with carbonated water as my go-to beverage. I was using a SodaStream machine for a while to make my own, but I’ve since purchased a restaurant-style coke fountainI just don’t hook any syrup to it.

If you’re trying to give up soda, give it a shot, but don’t mix in any those “flavor enhancers.” They’re loaded with artificial sweeteners, and then you might as well be drinking diet-soda.

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