BTO Day 3: The Accountability Mirror

It’s time to call yourself out.  It’s time to bring out the accountability mirror. 

Society has made us soft. Society has literally programmed each of us to only say things to ourselves, and to others, that make us comfortable. Even to LIE to ourselves to seek comfort. We’ve taught our brains to seek “flight” rather than “fight”, even when it comes to OURSELVES..

If you look in the mirror and you see a fat person, don’t tell yourself that you need to lose a couple of pounds. Tell the truth. You’re fat! It’s okay! Just say you’re fat, if you’re fat. The dirty mirror that you see every day is going to tell you the truth anyway, so you might as well quit lying to yourself.    We’re done taking “flight”. It’s time to fight.  If you’ve got a problem and you want to face it, you need to stop taking the comfortable route and face it head on.

If you’ve worked for 30 years at the same stupid job you’ve dated day in and day out because you were too afraid to quit and take a risk, you’ve been living like a coward.  If you haven’t been working out because it’s “too hard”, you’re choosing “flight” over “fight”.  You’re a slave to your idiot monkey brain!

And remember.. your life is not messed up because you missed out on some opportunity.. or because of Donald Trump.. or because your parents were mean to you.. or your ex-husband was a jerk.. Or something bad happened to you.  If any of that stuff is stopping you from having an amazing life, I’ve got some news for you.. YOU are the one who’s stopping YOU!  No more coddling yourself.  It’s okay to be cruel to yourself as long as you’re doing it to become better. As long as it’s a goal-post!! As long as it inspires you to CHANGE!

Your Homework

Create your accountability mirror. I want you to write down all the things that are YOUR FAULT that you want to FIX.  Post-it notes. Put them on the mirror. Stop lying to yourself, and own it. Call yourself out!  And remember, other people are going to want to lie to you about this stuff.  People will tell you that you’re not fat, even if you are. They’ll tell you what you’re great at being on time, even if you’re not. They’ll tell you that you have so much on your plate, you don’t need to do anymore. People will LIE to you to make themselves feel better, AND to make YOU feel better. . But it’s bullshit.  You can love them for caring about you enough to lie to you.. But you also need to love YOURSELF enough not to listen to their bullshit coddling. You’re better than that. (Post a photo of your accountability mirror to the BTO group.. OR send it privately to me. I won’t read it if you ask me not to).

From now on, EVERY minute of EVERY day should be spent with those obstacles in your head. Your life now has purpose.. And when you stare in that mirror, I want the person looking back to know that you’re on the path to DESTROYING those post-it notes!

We’re facing it! Starting today!

Your Challenge

Pick something on your accountability mirror and DO SOMETHING about it. Something BIG. Something that moves you in the right direction to obliterate that problem. (No, it can’t be something you’ve already committed to do… this needs to be something IN ADDITION.. ).  Post a photo of THAT post-it note on your mirror… and post a photo of you DOING THE THING to take the first steps to fucking solving it. Once and for all.