Apple Watch Users: Two must-have apps to visualize your workouts

I’m a hard-core Apple Watch user and I firmly believe it’s the best fitness tracker on the market. By far.  However, I’ve been a little jealous of the FitBit HR owners… mostly because the Fitbit app on the iPhone and Android produce these SUPER cool heart-rate analysis graphs of their workouts which show all kinds of interest data (critical data, quite frankly, if you’re going to give someone help with the quality of their effort, and areas they can improve).

But Apple Watch owners.. DO NOT DESPAIR… your watch / phone has all the same data… it’s just that (so far) Apple sucks at SHOWING it to you in a way that’s easy to understand… (I have it from good sources that Apple is fixing this)… UNTIL NOW…….

I found TWO apps that help to visualize your heart-rate and workouts with gorgeous workout analysis charts……

Cardiogram (Free)



Get it Here:

Cardiogram does a nice job creating graphs of your workouts. It creates line charts, point charts, and range-charts to show you the heart-rate measurements, and average heart-rate, over a given day, or a given workout. It will let you tag workouts as a “favorite” (so you can refer to them later) and share them.  No frills other than that, but it does give you a nice way to visualize the measurements from the watch. (And you can’t beat the price!)

Here’s my 11.5 mile run from yesterday, illustrated:


HeartWatch ($2.99)


Get it Here:

This is definitely the better app.

This one includes an Apple Watch app that will show your current, min, max hear-rate, but more importantly, it will break down your workouts by heart-rate zone (similar to what Orange Theory Fitness does during your workouts) to give you a SOLID sense for how hard you worked, and to help you visualize whether or not you did a true HIIT workout. (HIIT workouts are critical for getting the most from your effort.. read more about them here..)..

This one is $2.99 and worth every penny!

Here’s an analysis of the same run shown above… Notice that it breaks down my heart-rate zones. This is a near picture-perfect HIIT workout!


Bottom line?  If you’re an Apple Watch user — get one or both of these apps ASAP!!