8 Things Fit/Healthy People Do in Restaurants

8 Rules for Eating at Restaurants

Making healthy choices at restaurants can  be tough. But fit/healthy people tend to do these 8 things to ensure that social-time at restaurants, and on vacation, doesn’t lead to regret, or added pounds.

1) They order veggies as their side, instead of fries, potatoes, or rice.

Honestly, the veggies are more filling, they’re healthier, and you can eat a LOT more of them.  If you’re counting calories, just ask for “a side of steamed veggies, without butter”, and you can enjoy a HUGE portion, guilt-free!

2) They skip dessert.

I know it sounds like heresy, but you’ll rarely see fit and healthy people ordering dessert. And when they do, they’ll often have just one or two bites, and push the rest aside. The calories (and the sugar), just aren’t worth it.

3) They eat small portions for lunch and breakfast (or skip breakfast altogether).

Eating very small meals earlier in the day (or skipping those meals altogether) means they can enjoy more moderate portion sizes for dinner.

4) They don’t clear their plate.

They eat a little of each thing and leave the rest. Healthy people know that just because the food was served to them, it doesn’t mean they have to eat it. You can even make it a point of celebration to leave a restaurant without having also eaten all the food. Some people even use the “three bite rule” (you get three normal-sized bites of your favorite “indulgent” food, and then set it aside).

5) They make substitutions.

See #1. They also tend to ask for things slightly different like, “Could you put the dressing for my salad on the side, please?”  Don’t be afraid to “share” a dinner with someone, either, “We’d both like to start with a salad, and we’d both like our own side of steamed veggies, but we’d like to share the salmon.” In fact, if you place an order without making at least one or two small adjustments, you’re probably going to regret it.

6) They don’t touch the pre-meal bread.

I’ve even seen some people ask to have it taken away. “Hi… would you mind taking the bread basket away? We’re not going to have any, and it smells so yummy and we don’t want to be tempted.”

7) They tend to stick to lighter things.

They tend to order things like fish, steak, chicken, salad, etc… all often ordered without “the sauce” (or “the sauce on the side”). Fit and healthy people tend to avoid the heavier items in restaurants because they’re PACKED with calories (a single meal at a restaurant can easily be over 2,500 calories if you’re not careful). They also never order anything that’s fried. And again, regardless of what’s ordered, you want that sauce ON THE SIDE.

8) They decide in advance to follow the rules.

Game-time decisions are what causes poor choices. Before you even step into the restaurant, know that you’re going to have the veggies, and not the fries. As one Weightix warrior put it, “The trick to being successful is to make your decisions in advance. I decide I will not eat any bread, then I don’t have to decide again in front of others or when the pressure is on.”

Next time you’re in a restaurant with a group, take a look around. I’ll bet you see a correlation between the size of people’s waistline, and their tendency to follow these 8 rules!