5 Super-Habits of the Ultra-Fit and Healthy

Have you ever wondered what separates the “ultra fit and healthy” from the rest of us? It’s time to engrain their habits into your own fit and healthy lifestyle. Read on for 5 important things they do every day that you’re probably not doing.

1) They don’t diet, but they do have a diet.

The fittest and healthiest people you know generally don’t go on and off “diets.” Healthy eating isn’t something they turn on and off, and they don’t look forward to their eating style being “over with” at some point. It’s something they just do. They tend to have a habit of making healthy choices every single day, every single meal, and at every single social occasion. (Look around the next time the office party involves cake and donuts, watch what the fit/healthy people in your office do).

So what do they eat? Not much in the way of processed foods (if it comes in a bag or a box, you won’t find them eating it very often), and—this might surprise you—but they generally don’t vary their meals very much. The fittest and healthiest people you know actually eat basically the same rotation of foods almost every day. They find foods they love to eat that also work to keep them in shape, healthy, and happy. They just stick to it. (Side note: This is also the top winning strategy for people trying to lose weight).

While it’s common to convince yourself that you can be “done with this diet” once you reach your goal weight, that outlook is a recipe for a lifetime of yo-yo dieting. Instead, find an eating style that you like with foods you love, and remove the “end date” mentality. If you’re miserable, you must find a new way of healthy eating that works for you.

2) They count calories

I know, most of them won’t admit it, or maybe even don’t realize they’re doing it. But nearly all fit/healthy people are very good at portion control—and even know roughly how many calories they’re consuming at each meal and each day.

Because they don’t vary their food and meal choices often, they stay within their comfortable calorie limit without really trying—but trust me, they’re aware of their overall caloric intake, at least at a general level.

3) They exercise.

While the “E” word may seem like a deal killer for many, the reality is that nearly all fit/healthy people do it on a regular basis. Not because it helps them control their weight, but because it’s the key to overall health. And not just physical health. People who exercise are much more likely to be happy, more creative, more in control of their lives, less stressed, and enjoy life more. In fact, some studies even suggest that people who exercise on a regular basis make more money than people who don’t.

Exercise is a terrible strategy for “weight management” (because it rarely leads directly to weight loss). But fit/healthy people tend to do it for all of the other reasons. Most fit/healthy people will set aside 30 to 60 minutes a day, 3 to 6 days a week, where they can get their heart-rate significantly higher than normal.

You don’t have to hate it. Find something you love to do that gets your heart-rate up and DO IT!

4) They use intermittent fasting to their advantage

You know how your fat friends are always telling you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Or that you need breakfast to get your metabolism moving? Or that you should be eating lots of small meals throughout the day? Yeah, it turns out there’s very little research to back that up. (Most of the studies that have been done which show breakfast to be even remotely helpful have all be done by the breakfast-food industry).

In fact, most fit and healthy people all have two very important things in common: They skip breakfast, and they stop eating when it gets late. This allows them to eat bigger meals during the day, promotes the production of hormones that control weight and burn fat, and boosts their metabolism.

If you want to be a fit and healthy person, you might consider incorporating intermittent fasting into your permanent routine!

5) They know a lot about fitness and nutrition

People who build houses tend to know a lot about building houses. People who work on computers tend to know a lot about computers, and you guessed it, people who are fit and healthy tend to know a lot about fitness and health. It almost has to become a mini-hobby.

Arming themselves with knowledge allows them to make intelligent choices about what they do with their time, and what they put in their mouths.  Because they’re educated, they don’t spend a lot of time chasing the latest fitness fads, fitness products, or MLM formulas and shakes.

If you want to become a fit and healthy person, become an expert on fitness and health! (And this blog is a great place to start.)