10 tips for making protein shakes taste better

Many people struggle with the texture or taste of protein shakes. Fear not — drinking your protein supplement doesn’t have to be something you hate. In fact, most people find that a few simple tips turn them from something they hate into something they love!  Here are my top-tips, in no particular order.

  1. Switch from a protein-powder to a pre-made shake. (Muscle milk, GNC Total Lean, and Premiere Protein all come in both a powder form AND a pre-made “grab & go” form).  Many people report that the “grab & go” versions taste much better.
  2. Temperature Matters:  Temperature makes a huge difference in taste and texture and nearly everyone reports that the colder they are, the better they taste.  Some people even go so far as to store their water and their powder in the fridge so they’re both ice-cold when it’s time to mix them up.  You can also add ice to the blender-bottle when you shake them up, although this tends to not work as well as storing the ingredients in the fridge.
  3. Add a frozen banana:  If your eating plan allows for it, adding a FROZEN banana to the shake, along with some ice (then blend) adds a delicious creamy texture and makes them thicker.  Many people find that they can easily handle 2 scoops of protein at once in a single shake when they do this.   You can also experiment with smaller banana portions.  People doing CarbX (Keto) for example, often find that even a quarter of a frozen banana is enough to change the texture of the shakes!
  4. Add stuff: peanut butter, PB Powder, cocoa, etc.:  They both make the shake taste amazing, and they do alter the texture.
  5. Add artificial sweetener:  Stevia is a great add to the shake if you prefer them a little sweeter.  Aspartame is also sold in liquid form that can easily be added to a protein shake.
  6. Add xantham gum: If you don’t like the “watery” texture of the shake, adding a little xantham gum will make them thicker. (You can get it at your local grocery store).
  7. Experiment with different brands:  Not all protein supplements are created equal. The more expensive brands tend to not only taste better, but have smoother textures as well.  When shopping for a protein shake, however, watch out for carbs. Many protein-shake manufacturers will load the shakes up with carbs/sugar in order to make them taste better. A good protein shake should have 20+ grams of protein and less than 3g carbs.
  8. Experiment with different flavors:  Chocolate is by far the most popular flavor, but the other flavors continue to get better!! Strawberry, banana, vanilla, birthday cake, and caramel are just a few of the newer flavors that people report they really like!
  9. Put the protein in other things:  It doesn’t have to be used just for shakes, a lot of people will add protein powder to plain greek yogurt, or they’ll even bake with it. (protein pancakes are gaining popularity!)
  10. Use almond milk: The unsweetened, original almond milk is only 30-calories per cup, and it tends to make the shakes smoother than just water. (Stay away from regular milk, since it’s loaded with sugar!)

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