You Aren’t Doing on a Diet — You’re Changing the Way You Eat!

People think losing weight is hard. And it is… but I will tell you that it’s easier than you think it is. You probably think it’s hard because you’ve tried before… You probably lost a few pounds and then fell off the wagon, and put it all back on. Been there. Many times.

In the beginning, I started observing people who looked like I wanted to look. I watched them. A lot. It was probably super creepy.

I noticed that they ate reasonably healthy most of the time, but they never said they were “on a diet” (even though by watching their eating habits, you’d probably have thought otherwise). They also never had large portions, usually skipped dessert, except on special occasions, and had DOZENS of other behaviors that people “on a diet” also had… with one exception.. they don’t call it “being on a diet”.

Eating like they’re on a diet is the way they are. It’s the way they eat. They know if they eat like crap, they’ll feel like crap, and eventually, they’ll look like crap.

The point? If you want to look like a healthy, fit person, you’re going to have to eat and act like a healthy fit person.. and you’re going to have to keep doing that for as long as you intend on being a healthy, fit person. You don’t “lose the weight” and then go back to what you did that made you fat in the first place. That’s called “yo-yo dieting”, and it sucks. Bad.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to order a salad for every meal, you never get to eat a Big Mac, or you never get dessert ever again. You just have to figure out how to fit those foods in when they’re appropriate, and learn how to say no when they’re not. It means that if you decide to eat something unhealthy, it’s because you DECIDED to, and not because of cravings or because you were weak.

And THAT is how I’ve lost almost 100lbs in 13 months, and why I don’t believe I’ll have any trouble whatsoever keeping it off. I fully understand what got me into the mess I was in. I know how I got out of it, and I (now) know how to STAY out of it.

My point? If you’re just getting started, you’re not going on a diet. Don’t tell ANYONE you’re going on a diet. You tell the world that you are CHANGING THE WAY YOU EAT!

… Stay tuned. I’ll go through the details of EXACTLY what I did when I was first getting started. It was SIMPLE, and I was never hungry. (Any “diet” that leaves you hungry is just that — it’s a diet — and we’re not dieting, right?)

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