Meal Planning

Three supplements that really do help

There are no shurtcuts or magic supplements for weight loss. Nearly all supplements, in fact, are a complete waste of money. But there are a few things you can supplement with that have been proven to make a marginal difference, when combined with a ...Read More

My typical grocery / shopping list

A few people have asked for a typical list of things that I buy when I go to the grocery store.  Keeping in mind, I don’t like cooking / preparing food, so almost everything I eat is “grab & go”.  The great thing about ...Read More

Protein Shake Recommendations

The protein-shake market is full of bad formulas, over-priced hype, cheap fillers, and downright scams. So how do you pick a protein-shake supplement that’s safe, nutritious, and actually tastes good? For the purposes of this article, I’ll skip the details on protein sources, ingredients, ...Read More