Advanced Stuff

Let’s talk recovery drinks and BCAAs!

Post-workout “recovery drinks” (sometimes called BCAAs) are a growing trend in the fitness industry.  Are they any good? Are they worth the money? Should you be using one? Are they only for athletes? Let’s dive in! What are “Recovery Drinks” ? “Recovery drinks” are ...Read More

Reverse Dieting 101

Today we’re talking about a proven technique for getting your metabolism to “rev-up” again after you’ve spent months or years eating too little food. What is reverse dieting?  Summarized, it means you’re going to re-train your metabolism to need and process the correct number ...Read More

Advanced Stuff: Optimizing Carbs

This week’s “advanced” topic comes in the form of optimizing your carb intake to get the most performance and weight loss benefits possible!  We’ll focus on optimizing the timing and when it’s okay to combine carbs with other foods. One pre-requisite… If you’re doing ...Read More

Advanced Stuff: Optimizing Protein

Can you optimize your body’s ability to take advantage of the protein you eat by changing things like timing, volume, and the type of protein? Elite athletes and body-builders of the world spend a lot of time and effort managing these factors. But does ...Read More