Artificial Sweeteners: Yay or nay?

Most of the “extreme” diets out there will tell you to cut out artificial sweeteners from your diet, completely. Especially Sucralose and Aspartame. It may not be completely necessary for weight loss. But here’s why they tell you to cut them out:

1) High volumes (and I mean VERY high volumes) of Sucralose will cause sugar cravings.

If you’re eating tons of foods (and/or drinking tons of diet sodas) – be prepared to be miserable as your body tells you it NEEDS sugar… It’s a horrible way to go through the day.

IF YOU CAN.. it’s obviously advisable to remove diet-soda from your diet completely. But it’s not completely necessary. If you choose to keep it in your food rotation, I recommend limiting your diet-soda intake to 2-3 cans of soda per week … 1 a day at the VERY most. Use it as a treat or a way to reward yourself.

One or two food items per day as a treat that have sucralose/aspartame also shouldn’t cause any problems… but monitor yourself for sugar cravings roughly 1-hour after consuming it. If you experience problems with that cravings — pull it back. The cravings aren’t worth it.

2) The OTHER problems with Sucralose/Aspartame aren’t well understood or even very well studied.

Do I think there are other problems? Yes… it’s a chemical substance that’s not largely understood, so it’s probably bad for you. But if you’re trying to lose a significant amount of weight, and artificial sweeteners help you get there by keeping you sane, or keeping foods you love in your diet… FOR ME… I say the trade-off is probably worth it.

Anyone who tells you that you can’t lose weight while consuming artificial sweeteners is FULL OF IT.. (unless you’re referring to the issues caused in #1 above). Will it slow down your weight loss? Maybe.. There’s no REAL scientific evidence either way. (And anyone who says otherwise is likely reading research from questionable sources).

My philosophy? Losing weight is hard enough as it is.. If there’s a way to be as comfortable and as happy as possible during weight-loss, it’s probably not a bad idea.. and once you reach the weight you want to be — THEN you can re-evaluate whether or not artificial sweeteners are worth the trade-off as it relates to your OVERALL health.

But for me? For weight loss? Sucralose and other artificial sweeteners are a VALUABLE TOOL!!

Side note: Use Stevia WHEREVER POSSIBLE as a substitute for Sucralose/Aspartame. It’s a 100% natural sweetener and it doesn’t take a chemist to realize it’s probably a lot better for your body. I also have NOT experienced sugar-cravings after using it — even in high volumes.