A Typical Day of Eating

Here’s what a typical day looks like… fyi.. I ended up coming in under the calorie goal, but didn’t want to re-jigger it because the other ratios were pretty darn good.
Sample Meal Plan
The GNC shakes for breakfast are way good and packed with protein. Lunch is a chicken or turkey sandwich on 9-grain wheat bread, with light-mayo, mustard, and some sriracha to make it spicy.
Dinner is a protein shake that I make from powder.. with almond milk, half of a frozen banana, and some peanut butter. (Sometimes I will even add some of my zero-calorie chocolate sauce). Getting enough protein during the day without blowing up your calories is actually almost impossible without using protein products, like the shakes or the protein bars.
Snacks include a protein bar (watch out for these.. most are no better than candy bars… but the Quest products are good), a banana (I eat one before I run because I want that blood sugar spike for energy — otherwise I would never eat sugar-fruit), a pickle (almost no calories, but they do make you retain water), and a cup of strawberries with stevia sprinkled on them. (Srawberries are very low on the glycemic index, so there’s no issue with them).
Ended the day spot on with the carbs… -3 on the fat, and +5 on the protein. Other than my calories being about 100 under, that’s almost a picture-perfect day.

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