Monthly Archive:: February 2016

Symptoms of not having enough PROTEIN in your diet

Almost any serious weight-loss regiment advocates for fairly high protein levels. Protein is a critical component both as a tool for helping to lose weight, as well as for keeping the weight off once you reach your goals. Protein. Protein. Protein!! In fact, if ...Read More

Turbo Charge your Cardio with HIIT

Anyone who’s done any significant amount of cardio for weight loss knows that it comes with diminishing returns.  The more you do cardio, the less effective it is for weight loss / fat burn. You read that right. The MORE cardio you do, the ...Read More

What EXACTLY are Sugar-Alcohols?

Sugar-alcohols (or “polyols”) are one of those really weird food items that are difficult to classify — and there’s a lot of confusion about whether or not they “count” towards our calorie and carb goals. Good news though — you’re about to become an ...Read More