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The Five Things I Do to Lose Weight

Here’s the SIMPLE explanation of what I’m doing to drop the pounds… (I realize posts like this one may not be quite what people are after when they ask the question).. so here goes (note that none of them are optional). First.. I count ...Read More

Your One-Week Plan: Start Today!

I’ve created a complete one-week plan to help get you started!! This takes all the guesswork out of IIFYM and breaks it down to where you just need to follow along at home. A few disclaimers (please read this): I assume 1,500 calories daily ...Read More

How to set goals the RIGHT way

Setting goals may seem obvious — but most people don’t know that setting goals is more of a science than a step. This is why (as an example) most good-intentioned New Years resolutions fail within days. Good goals are Written, Measurable, Attainable, and Actionable. The very first ...Read More

IIFYM Chain Restaurant Master List

Because I LOVE EATING OUT!!!!! Another must-have in your IIFYM arsenal.. a fantastic list of chain restaurants, and their IIFYM-friendly menu items. (Typically low calorie, low-carb). Enjoy! Also, you’ll want to check out the IIFYM Fast Food Restaurant Master List!! Applebee’s Calories Carbs Protein ...Read More

IIFYM Fast Food Restaurant Master List

I found this little gem tonight and thought I’d pass it on… IIFYM-friendly menu choices at many of the major fast-food chains!  Who doesn’t love fast food?! Also, you’ll want to check out the IIFYM Chain Restaurant Master List!! Arby’s Calories Carbs Protein Fat ...Read More