Monthly Archive:: October 2015

Why Diets Don’t Work

This is probably going to offend a lot of people, but I don’t really care. Here’s a list of signs that the “diet” you’re following probably isn’t going to provide long-term, sustainable weight-loss… If your diet has even ONE of these signs, you’re on ...Read More

When to Weigh Yourself

Most weight-loss plans will tell you that you should only weigh yourself once a week. I tried this early on and found several problems with it. They tell you to weigh yourself only once a week because your body will normally fluctuate a few ...Read More

Let’s Talk Gear

I’ve bought a lot of fitness-related things during my journey. Most aren’t worth the money, and are glorified gimmicks, at best.  I have a few, however, that I couldn’t live without. 1) Upgrade to MyFitnessPal Premium … It has much better macro tracking than the ...Read More

A Typical Day of Eating

Here’s what a typical day looks like… fyi.. I ended up coming in under the calorie goal, but didn’t want to re-jigger it because the other ratios were pretty darn good. The GNC shakes for breakfast are way good and packed with protein. Lunch ...Read More

How IIFYM (Flexible Dieting) Works

I talked about it in my last post.. here are the details. I’ll try to explain it as simply as I can. Calories are the only thing that REALLY matter in any diet.  And any diet that says you don’t need to worry about ...Read More

You Can See What I Eat

For anyone interested in seeing what I eat every day (I’ve had several people ask) you are WELCOME to follow me on MyFitnessPal…   If you aren’t already using MyFitnessPal, go get it from the App Store (Android and iPhone) RIGHT NOW!!!!!! This is ...Read More

Phases of My Weight Loss

I think before I can really get into what I did to lose weight, you should understand that it was a progression of a lot of different techniques and methods. Some worked really well, some worked kind of okay… but I found that my ...Read More