Your official “I’m Hungry” checklist

It’s 3 in the afternoon. Lunch ended 3 hours ago.  Dinner’s not for another 3 hours, and you’re starving! Today I’m providing you with a checklist that will help you battle the hunger-monster when it arrises. Step 1) Go drink 12oz of water. Right ...Read More

How to listen to the Podcast

Did you know that I do a podcast once a week on the topic of nutrition, fitness, and weight loss?  I typically take a topic from the blog and go really in-depth (sometimes more than an hour). Podcasts are great because you can listen ...Read More

Should you be carb cycling?

If you’re doing intense workouts more than 2 or 3 times a week (whether it be cardio are intense strength training) carb cycling is one of those “advanced tricks” that will ensure you maintain your strength and energy, while keeping your fat loss headed in ...Read More

Glycogen 101

Improperly managed glycogen is one of the leading reasons people ‘fail’ at weight loss. Glycogen plays a vital role in your journey, since it basically acts as the fuel-tank for your workouts and daily energy. And, if not properly managed, can result in feelings of ...Read More

4 reasons it’s harder for women to lose weight

“Weight loss is harder for women” is one of those oft-cited claims in the weight-loss and fitness world. But is it really true? Today we’re examining 4 key reasons why it’s probably spot-on, and what you can do to level the playing field. 1) Women’s ...Read More