Episode 13: How to use MyFitnessPal

Elisha, Chris, and myself talk about using MyFitnessPal. Everything from meal planning and recipe sharing to how to handle net-carbs with a Keto diet. We also plan a few days worth of meals, live — and Brian plans a days worth of meals that ...Read More

Episode 10: Fat Dad vs. Fit Dad

Today we’ve got 2 of my kids as guests on the podcast. 12-year-old Abby and 9-year-old Landon as they talk about the differences between Fat Dad of Old and Fit Dad of New — and how my weight loss journey impacted their own lives ...Read More

Episode 9: Transitioning to a different approach / plan

Today we’re talking about what’s involved in moving from a keto plan to a traditional plan, and also what’s involved in going the other direction (going from traditional to keto).  What to expect, what’s different, and when you should consider making the switch. ...Read More

Episode 8: Traditional Approach 101

Today we’re talking about the ‘traditional’ approach to weight loss (that’s a fancy way of saying, you can eat carbs and still lose weight). We’ll compare and contrast to keto, talk about the bio-chemical reasons carbs are not the enemy, and help you decide ...Read More

Should you be carb cycling?

If you’re doing intense workouts more than 2 or 3 times a week (whether it be cardio are intense strength training) carb cycling is one of those “advanced tricks” that will ensure you maintain your strength and energy, while keeping your fat loss headed in ...Read More

Glycogen 101

Improperly managed glycogen is one of the leading reasons people ‘fail’ at weight loss. Glycogen plays a vital role in your journey, since it basically acts as the fuel-tank for your workouts and daily energy. And, if not properly managed, can result in feelings of ...Read More