Let’s talk recovery drinks and BCAAs!

Post-workout “recovery drinks” (sometimes called BCAAs) are a growing trend in the fitness industry.  Are they any good? Are they worth the money? Should you be using one? Are they only for athletes? Let’s dive in! What are “Recovery Drinks” ? “Recovery drinks” are ...Read More

Reverse Dieting 101

Today we’re talking about a proven technique for getting your metabolism to “rev-up” again after you’ve spent months or years eating too little food. What is reverse dieting?  Summarized, it means you’re going to re-train your metabolism to need and process the correct number ...Read More

Brian’s Deluxe Chocolate Protein Shake

This one is a staple for me. It’s a full meal replacement, since it totals out to about 357 calories. But it will fill you up (the protein really sticks in your belly), and makes a great post-workout meal.  (It ends up being almost 32oz ...Read More

Three supplements that really do help

There are no shurtcuts or magic supplements for weight loss. Nearly all supplements, in fact, are a complete waste of money. But there are a few things you can supplement with that have been proven to make a marginal difference, when combined with a ...Read More

My 10 commandments of weight-loss maintenance

When starting a new weight-loss protocol, one of the first questions you should ask is, “What’s maintenance like?”.  The reason is simple:  If the goal is to effect a permanent lifestyle change, we need to ensure the weight doesn’t come back on by reverting ...Read More